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Lesser “Dragonflights” Name Gimmicks.

wow2 - Lesser "Dragonflights" Name Gimmicks.

Okay so I decided to do this because I could, so I gathered what information of names for the lesser dragonflights I could and found the name gimmicks so let's just start.

Storm Drakes/ Thorignir: Their names are usually Norse inspired, but there is a suffix to their names with what I assume to be males ending with -ir and females ending with -yr. However, there are some who don't follow this like Nithogg.

Nightmare Dragonflight: Being green dragons who joined the old gods most keep their green name however there is a suffix as well, this being males end with -on and females ending with -os. However, this could just be a coincidence and I am just reading to much into it, but hey that is just me.

Chromatic Dragonflight: These creations seem to use a Prefix and a Suffix, with their names beginning with -Chrom and their names ending with -us. because we killed every last one (probably) we cannot know if their name suffix differed between males and females.

Infinite Dragonflight: Suprisenly the Infinite have different names and name gimmicks than the bronze, they have a Prefix of having to do with time and a suffix of -us like the chromatic as well as -ch. Again this could just be me grasping at straws, but hey Imma use it for an original character that are dragons from WoW anyway.

Plagued Dragonflight: They came from black dragon eggs and random proto-drakes so probably use the same suffixes as the other flights leaning more towards black.


Netherwing Dragonflight: They seem to use the suffix of -ku/-aku and -us, they also seem to use the letters Z, V and N for the first letter for their names mostly compared to other letters. I personally would have thought they use black dragon-like names, seeing as how they are mutated black dragons.

Twilight Dragonflight: These less than humble creations use a suffix of -on/-ion/-iona and -ia, with the suffixes of -on and -ion being male and -iona and -ia for females. these egotistical dragons really get edgy names like their black dragon predecessors with names like Abyssion, Desperiona and Ultraxion. Seriously it can be a little cringey sometimes, Azeroth damn it Twilight cult.

Undead Dragons: Okay so some undead dragons keep their original names while others change theirs, there doesn't seem to be a suffix or prefix there is however a gimmick of having the name be related to death, things related to cold and random edgy crap. some examples are; Chillmaw, Ghostwing and Spinestalker. Seriously what's with the "evil" dragons and names that are edgy is like a mandatory thing? Did I not get the memo about this?

Anyway, that covers all the lesser flights that have more than 1 named member. If you wish to learn more about the dragons then go to WoWWiki or Wowpedia, because that's where I got my information.

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