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Lets have a playful discussion. For each WOW expansion (and base game), name 3 things that expansion created (or changed) that you like, and 3 that you don’t.

wow4 - Lets have a playful discussion. For each WOW expansion (and base game), name 3 things that expansion created (or changed) that you like, and 3 that you don't.

I'll start.

  • Basegame:

It was my first MMO, so i liked the vastness of the world. At one point i was surprised to discover there's an entire other continent out there, and i was like "Wait, this world was already huge, are you telling me i only ever saw half of it?".

I enjoyed the difficulty of both levelling and playing. It was challenging, and for the young me it took a long time until i reached 60, but it was so incredibly satisfying.

I loved the people and my guild community. Over time i either lost faith in people, or just became more of a hermit, and became less involved with social aspect of wow, but back then i loved playing with my guildies.

What i DIDNT like was how "support" specs had much harder time otuside of raids/dungeons. If you were a tank or a healer, farming something was incredibly slow and painful. I actually made a hunter alt just to farm for myself so i wouldnt have to do that on my tank warrior.

I also didn't like how there was little to no good sources on how to play your class. There were some official forum posts, sure, but in general it was quite difficult to figure out whether you;re playing your class well, and how you can improve it.

Finally, i didn't like the sheer amount of consumables you would have to prepare for raiding. Every boss attempt required something like 7 or 8 different consumables, from food and sharpening stones and scrolls to elixirs and winterspring jujus. In the end you spent more time farming those consumables than actually raiding – i really like the simplification they did with not making stuff stack, although perhaps they took it a little too far with "just 1 flask and some food choice per class".

  • TBC

I loved the atmosphere and visual design. It was so different from what vanilla was, yet still stayed true to its aesthetics. Even HFC, which now looks incredibly dated, was still glorious back in the day. More than that, the zones had a good feel to them, they FELT right.

I loved the difficulty of heroic dungeons – stuff like heroic Arcatraz and Steamvault felt like mini-raiding at first, and was very satisfying to do. I also didn't mind attunements – i treated them as a goal to work towards.

I actually really like flying mounts as well. I can see where the "ground only" people come from, but i believe flying should be gated less than it is now – make the pathfinder available at start of expansion, not at very bloody end…

I didn't like the fact that some content was locked behind flying (or epic flying). Gold was still somewhat difficult to come by, and it wasn;'t uncommon to find friends or guildies who couldn't do a dungeon or quest with you because they couldn't afford flying. I also really wanted to do netherwing chain, but there was no way i could farm enough to afford epic flying that was required, so this was my one (and only, actually) time i bought gold for WOW.

Last but not least, i disliked the fact that best (for a while) hunter ammo was rep locked and rather expensive. I was playing a hunter at the time, and this just irked me.


I said this for tbc, but i have to say it again, i LOVED the visuals. WOTLK was such a massive step forward in terms of graphics, it was insane.

I loved the storylines. For the first time really there were coherent zone-wide stories happening, instead of random bunch of sometimes connected fetch quests. Plus a whole "expansion-wide" story of arthas, titans etc.

I loved achievements. Technically they were brought in the prepatch, but that counts as WOTLK content. I love having stuff to work towards, stuff to collect etc. I just wish there were a bit less "irrelevant" achievements like hugging squirrels etc. Just like having 1000 mounts, 3000 pets etc, having 10 million achievements kinda makes it less rewarding when you obtain a new one.

I disliked the "Gearscore" bias that started happening at the time. Every group needed a gearscore – even though back then skill was more important. It got to a point where i would literally decline anyone who whispered me the word "gearscore" when i made my group.

I really disliked the big nerf to Naxxramas difficulty. I know they had to make it easier for it to be the first raid tier, but the fights went from engaging and challenging to absolute faceroll.

Finally i disliked them adding "heroic" raids. I really like having a single raid difficulty – when you kill a boss, you kill a boss. Killing illidan always feels rewarding. Adding difficulties made it less important for some people to strive to become better (and actually i think its one of main reasons there seems to be fewer good pugs these days). If i could change one thing, just one thing in entire wow, i would remove all raid difficulties and just make there be a single one again.


I loved the whole old gods theme. Always was a huge fan of the topic, and lovecraftian stuff, so this was nice.

I LOVED the underwater zone. It was something new, something different, an innovation. Sure, some things could have been done better, but it was very exciting.

I think cataclysm zones and quests overall were really well done. The story, the lore, the immersion, the amount of stuff to do was fantastic.

I hated the amount of reds and purples in this expansion. Blackwing raid, Firelands raid, Bastion, and even Dragon Soul to some extent all follow similar color palette and it just gets so tiring, so fast. Plus Twilight Highlands, Hyjal etc…

They significantly upped the amount of grinding you had to to do stay on top of your game (or to obtain bonus stuff), and i also greatly disliked that.

Last but not least, 5 expansions later (and with a LOT of grinding), i STILL dont have the goddamn fucking Zinrokh sword from archaeology. THOUSANDS OF SOLVES AND I STILL CANT FUCKING GET IT.

  • MOP

Again, loved how visually stunning it was.

Really, really enjoyed the class gameplay – classes felt right.

I liked having "secrets" hidden around zones like items you can collect etc. This was the first expac that introduced them properly.

I really, really, really disliked the asian design of it. I dont care about pandas, eastern aesthetics etc. I just find it all really boring :/

The story was mediocre. Garrosh's storyline could have been told so much better (even if you stayed with the same path of him being villain).

I really disliked Challenge dungeons. I never was one for "speedruns", i prefer difficulty, not rushing. And challenge was direct opposite of that – rush rush rush pull pull pull cleave. Absolutely hated it.

  • WOD

Again, i loved the class gameplay. The classes felt really nice to play.

… And i actually can't name two more things. I spent a good 20 minutes trying to think of two more things from WOD i liked, whatever they were, and i cant. Everything that had potential to be good (like followers) was screwed up to be boring, and a lot of stuff was either missing or just terrible :/ I GUESS Hellfire Citadel was very satisfying to raid, so that could count….

I really, really hated the gating and grind, again. I hated how locked we all felt in our personal garrisons. I hated the whole "lets go back in time to alternate reality" fever dream concept. I hated apexis farm early on. I greatly hated the zone design – they were clearly designed to be flying zones, and yet you couldnt fly, so you often had to take a half-the-map detour just to get to a nearby location.

  • Legion

I absolutely LOVED the storylines of this expansion. From zone-wide quests to Nighthold to Argus, i absolutely loved it all. Well done!

I also really, really loved the class halls and artifacts. It truly made every alt i had feel special and unique in some way. Having my warlock have her own unique order hall with her own unique followers was really satisfying.

Finally id say Legion had possibly best visually designed raids of all time. Emerald Nightmare felt spooky, Nighthold felt regal, Tomb felt corrupted, Antorus…. well, okay, antorus was a bit meh. But still.

I absolutely HATED titanforging. I hated hated hated hated titanforging (and still do). Oh look, my alt got full BIS mythic quality gear from LFR! Oh look, your BIS item dropped but it has no titanforging, so its fucking useless to you! Fuck titanforging.

I greatly dislike the paragon system. I can stand grinding rep once to obtain something, i cant stand having to grind it over and over and over and over again for an RNG box for a chance to get something. Fuck that.

Finally Legendary and AP grind. Early on, if you didnt get a legendary, you were benched. If you got a prydaz as a rogue, you deleted your character. If you had any spare time, you had to spam M+ to get your AP up. Fuck. It.

  • BFA

I really like the story. Say what you want about Sylvanas and writers, but the story about her really has me intrigued.

Again, i cant really think of any other positives :/ There's nothing else i like about BFA….At all…

I do however dislike quite a few things. I dislike the story in all the zones themselves – they all feel really low effort and forgettable. I dislike how you have to spam M+ to prepare for raiding, its pretty much a given. I dislike how much stuff is locked behind rep grinding.

So yeah, thats my list. Im curious – what is your list? What are the positive and negative things about all the expansions in your opinion?

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