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Let’s stop with this “Us vs Them”

wow5 - Let's stop with this "Us vs Them"

With Preach's stance on covenants becoming a hot-topic, there's a familiar sight that has been a massive pet peeve of mine for years now which I'm simply going to title "Us vs Them".

I've been in both ranges of working 2 jobs and only playing 1 day a week, to being a completely no life playing 24/7 and being a 10 NA raider. So regardless of what you come at me with, I've been there – I understand.

The biggest pet peeve I have with this are people speaking for others and making up fake percents. Saying something like "Preach is just hardcore, these issues with covenants won't matter to a majority of the player base." or "It'll be fine for 95% of the player base." Something along those lines. If you act like this, or think like this, you're actively poisoning the well and ruining the game.

The reality of it is, you don't know the percent of what players play. You don't know how big the pool of mythic players are, you don't know the pool of heroic raiders, normal raiders, M+ers, arena players, BG players, levelers, pet battlers etc. No one besides Blizzard knows, and they've never come out and directly said how the player base is divided. So when you water down someone's concern because you think it only effects that many players, you're creating a string of false, impossible to back statics. That honestly is nothing short of toxic for the health of the game, and helping Blizzard understand where they need to improve.


Another example is a post I made in concerns to balancing in BFA. To anyone who did arenas, BGs, normal raids, heroic raids, mythic raids, again any of the end game content – high end or not, they all felt this imbalance one way or another. When someone who only has one night to queue for a M+ 10 key that week and they get spam declined all night because they're playing an enhancement shaman, or a rogue that gets to the dungeon and kicked because they're sub instead of outlaw (plenty more specs that get this treatment). This is a subject I could dedicate a whole thread too, but I believe there's plenty of people lived through trying to force a spec they liked and being told by Blizzard they weren't allowed to.

The balancing that happens at the mythic level, is the same balancing that happens at the lowest end. The same thing here. The Azerite gear that the hardcore complain about are the same Azerite pieces casuals have to farm with their limited time, the neck they have grind to use the Azerite pieces is the same Azerite casuals have to grind. So to come full circle – covenants. The concern of an annoying, incredibly imbalance, non negotiable choice you have to make that is going to plague the hardcore is going to do the same thing to those casual PVP/PVE players. It's not about us vs them, it never was about that, we all just want to have a fun. Have a little empathy and understand just because it doesn't effect you, it doesn't mean it doesn't effect a lot of people, regardless of how big you think that percent of players actually is. At the end of the day, Blizzard is a multi-billion dollar company. We should be holding them to a higher standard for all players, not acting as free lawyers on the internet for them.

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