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List of features in WoW that make the world feel smaller

wow10 - List of features in WoW that make the world feel smaller

Since Blizzard's new philosophy is to bring the community back to WoW by removing portals, allow me to assist them by highlighting outstanding issues whose removal will serve their goals.

1) Flight Master's Whistle. Instead of seeing other players travel to and from WQs, they all just whisk away on a magical gryphon to turn in an Emissary. Bring back populated roads!

2) Stormshield portals. This is old content! Why are we encouraging exploration of old content? Remove these portals and make Stormwind great again.

3) Druids and Mages. They should be removed from the game because Fuck their mobility and utility in PvP they are missing out on interacting with other players through endless teleports while everyone else needs to auto-flight everywhere.

4) CoT teleport in Shattrath. Why should veterans be forced to miss out on interacting with new players also afk flying to CoT to farm Deathwing? Plus the port requires grinding old rep. Old content! New players like new content.

5) Rogue teleport to Ravenholdt. Fuck rogues, so just take this away.

6) Chromie teleport to Wyrmrest. Legion was so last year! Anyone still wanting to go to New Dalaran is losing out on the community in Stormwind. Let's be good stewards.

7) Stirrups of any kind. Remember when exploring the world meant grouping up with randoms in the world to clear mobs in the way of your end goal? Stirrups encourage afk running in Tiragarde Sound, and let's be honest. Do you want your community watching Netflix while running around your playground? Nah, they need to be engaged with your deep and impactful two-button rotations. Daze is meant to amaze.

8) As a corollary to 7, just remove tanks from the game. It'll be better for my blood pressure They are immune to daze, so they're missing out on community engagement! Unacceptable imo, this is an MMO after all.

9) Flying. This was a mistake. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

10) Sharding. That rando who helped you kill an elite and snag that prestigious Tiny Azerite Splinter (fantastic word choice, Blizzard, can't overwhelm the player base with impactful adjectives)? Guess what, you'll never see him again. Sure, you might doom people on dead realms to never see another player again, but let's not allow perfection to get in the way of better.


11) Shamans. You already hate them, so just end their suffering. It's the humane thing to do.

12) Demon Hunters. They can get to places no other class can. How does that help community engagement? By removing them, we can simultaneously put all classes on an even playing field and increase the average age of the player base.

13) The Horde. They get zeppelins, Alliance doesn't? RIP World PvP. Shame on you for letting this one pass your world-class QA. Get rid of them.

14) War Mode. How can I appreciate the slutmog of all the Void Elves in my group if they're phased out? There's no sense of pride and accomplishment there, so let's revive server identity by fucking over the 12 Alliance on Illidan again.

15) Paladins. Just kidding. They have no mobility. Plus, all the Rets are enjoying copious amounts of community engagement on the bench.

16) Warriors. How are they to engage with other players speedrunning through Legion invasions if they can yeet themselves to Heaven? Too much.

17) Death Knights. Prior to Legion content, they can port to EPL. No other Alliance char can get there so easily. It's not fair. Just put them back in the grave.

18) Monks. They get a free port to Sha of Anger? Nah fam. Don't worry, nobody plays Monk anyway.

19) Hunters can stay. They're keeping Ret company on the bench.

20) Warlocks. They can two shot me in BGs.

21) There's a nifty little exploit where you can start a pre-made group and leave it to port out of an instance. Infinitely less engaging than walking back to the start with your other party members. (Huh? You're not supposed to run old content with a party?)

22) Legacy scaling. Thank God 21 brought this to my attention. You want that invisible mount, you better bring a full raid group. Makes the old world feel more alive.

23) Zidormi. Why are we allowing time travel on command? The world can barely handle portals; just look at Outland or any capital that isn't Stormwind. Plus, what does Zidormi allow? The exploration of gasp! Old content.

That's all I got for now. You're welcome, Blizzard. I only bring these matters to your attention in service of your grand scheme.

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