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Loremaster + Universal Explorer Achievement – My story.

wow6 - Loremaster + Universal Explorer Achievement - My story.

It was painful.

Hello, i just want to share my experience through this journey and self " challenge " i've put on myself since those last couples months.

Sorry my english is bad but you should be able to understand most of it.

This is just my story doing Loremaster + Universal Explorer, if you are not interested yourself in doing this, this might not be interesting to read. You have to understand that i wanted to have the content done no matter if i don't experience it like i should by one shotting everything. I felt the need to see every single place in WoW explored if i open my map, all the quest done. All on one character.

Nothing was interesting enough for me to keep playing WoW with the current content of BfA. So i decided to start grind for the Loremaster + Universal Explorer. Since Universal Explorer is done naturaly by doing Loremaster i won't talk about it in this post.

I started playing WoW at the launch of Legion. I discovered this huuuuuge game and spent way more time than i should playing it. It was also my first MMORPG. It's just my favourit since my years playing Path of Exile.

I played the game like everybody else for the most, i have main DH for Legion, joined a " hardcore guild " for casual still of course, raiding 5 days a week, doing cutting edge on Emerald nightmare ( yeah nothing crazy it was very easy ) after like 2 month of playing but a year and a half into Legion after 73 days /played i decided to switch and main a War.

At this point i didn't wanted to play something else. I loved the class. When i created the character i had this feeling : Oh man i wish i had a character with All WoW story/content done on it, every zone explored. And at this point it stayed in my mind.

I haven't found the motivation for such a long task until 3 months ago playing BfA and getting borred of the content.

I started not only doing the quest for the Achievement but actualy ALL the quest i found, it was some kind of crazyness in my mind where every single exclamation mark on my map had to disappear. And so i did make them disappear. One zone after another.

I already had All Legion and BfA done on the War of course. I started my journey in Azshara in Kalimdor. With a very, very low motivation. But after each quest i knew it was getting closer and closer, i have done a Continent after another so of course i haven't understand sh*t to the story because i was doing a Cata zone, then a vanilla zone, then another Cata for exemple. Anyway. I was also one shotting all the content. It was not a hard journey because of the content, but because the weight of the content.

After all Kalimdor was done i was happy to see my first " " " big " " " achievement being all zone finished and explored in Kalimdor. After that, the motivation was a bit better but i still had so much to do.


I jumped into another planet and decided to do the Outlands entirely. This was one of the toughest zone in the game imo. But i wanted this big piece of content out of the way knowing this was not very fun. Some quest are just really annoying.

After that mess was also done, every little exclamation mark out of my map ( hello Shattrah ) i jumped into my next location. Even bigger, even Scarrier.

Here i am in Warlords of Draenor. ( oh yes you might have realized i'm not following any order at all. Just trying to keep mental health at a value above 0 ) This zone was big. I wasn't even able to fly, oh god this was even longer. So Warlords of Draenor is a bit particular because all the Garrisons content is spread between so much waiting. At some point into the Garrisons grind i said f*ck it and stopped doing it. I focused on doing all the quest in the different zones AS WELL AS doing everything needed to unluck the flying. The reputation grind was a painnnnnnnn but i did it. Flying in such a big and beautiful zone felt good after that.

After WoD was finished i only had one planet to focus left. Azeroth was about to discover and fear the mighty war named " Woyer " and his absolut hunger of doing old quests.

My next location was Pandaria ( wtf " order " even means ? ) The zone was cool, i'm not a big fan of the theme tho. The quest were fine and smooth. Not much to say about Pandaria.

Boom next location. Here i am Easter Kingdom. Oh this is big, oh this is so much zones. But actualy Easter Kingdom was one of my favourit continent. This is alot of zones but all of them were atually fast with not a lot of chapters. I absolutely loved the quest chain to discover what really happened at the apparition of Deathwing in the sky. The different stories of the characters becoming reality as you go through was very funny.

Another big piece of content done, my motivation at it's highest because only one continent left : Northrend But i didn't know it was this long. For some reason this was the most difficult zone after the Outlands. There is so much quest and it makes my character travel so much, i hated it. Maybe only my personnal feel but yeah, i had 0 fun during the entire continent. My last zone was the Howling Fjord.

Loremaster achieved, 2 minutes after Universal explorer achieved.

Challenge complete.

I'm happy to have my War with the whole WoW story done on it. I felt the need to do it since i don't think a lots of people are interested in it nowadays.

Thank you if anyone have read to this point. It took me around 3 months. I was not playing for 6+ hours a day doing this because it's just too much. So if you want to try this yourself at some point being a new, or not old player to WoW, you'll know what to expect.

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