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M14 will provide the top-end reward from the Weekly Great Vault at an ilvl of 226. AKA, you only need to progress M14 for the best weekly chest rewards. If you complete 10 M14s (or greater) you will be offered 3/9 choices of 226 gear from your Weekly Great Vault, please see the Preach M+ Footage below for an accurate picture.


M15 will provide the best end-of-the-dungeon rewards that are capped at 210 ilvl.


Heroic Raids will offer boss loot at 213 ilvl with the last two bosses offering 220 ilvl.


Mythic Raids will offer boss loot at 226 ilvl with the last two bosses offering 233 ilvl.



MODIFIED GEAR SYSTEMS (Tier, Relics, Azerite Traits, Essences, Corruption), are ALSO not available for the first time EVER since M+ release — with titanforging THESE ARE THE MOST RELEVANT FACTORS IN THIS DISCUSSION.

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Preach M+ Footage

WoWHead Article Dated 09/16/2020 4:33 AM


>The Heroic Longevity and Shelf-Life Buff

First and foremost, this change is undoubtedly a targeted nerf towards high-ranking Mythic guilds that would spam M+ in the first week of availability in order to effectively trade gear obtained in the first Heroic raid. This most likely does not significantly affect second-week heroic splits (if such a thing exists), and overall only affects first-week efficiency. Furthermore, this extends the shelf-life of heroic raids (is this necessary?) and thereby extends the shelf-life of the tier as a whole. One thing to be noted here is the fact that such a change only negatively targets those who perform heroic splits (a minority among a minority), and by consequence affects those who act otherwise, by nerfing gear availability.


>Interest in M+

First and foremost, it is important to recognize that until this point M+ rewards have not existed without titanforging and modified gear systems. For literally the first time in history, we have an M+ system that pound-for-pound competes on simply ilvl with mythic raids. There is no titanforging, no azerite traits, no tier, no essences, nothing whatsoever. Whereas before you could expect to obtain a relevant M+ piece by virtue of titanforging or modified gear systems, you can now expect to receive nothing of the sort. Why is this bad? Raid loot, by tradition, has been incentivized by virtue of the fact that it represents either strictly better effects (ala trinkets) or better modified gear systems (azerite traits, better relics, better corruption, and the existence of tier). Without the existence of such systems, M+ gear will simply be inferior because we are now only comparing ilvl to ilvl.


MOST IMPORTANTLY, with no gear incentive to push during off weeks, this change only further incentivizes M+ participants to only be concerned with traditionally understood push weeks. You can expect that the issues of M+ relevancy will only be exacerbated by these changes.


>I…Like It?

By limiting the amount of content that represents potential titanforges or potential modified gear systems (tier, relics, azerite traits, essences, corruptions), I actually enjoy the fact that I will be able to play a good amount of content and still represent the bis case scenario, without ultimately sacrificing my enjoyment of the game. I honestly never thought I would represent this opinion. Upon reflection, I've realized that my experience with the last two expansions was to grind as much player power (AP) possible by spamming world quests and M+ dungeons. As a result I would burn out, multiple times during the respective expansions, despite achieving top 10 world M+ runs.


I cannot speak for all of you, but I've always pushed towards classic systems in terms of progress with retail systems in terms of playability. I honestly think that current development recognizes that point, despite issues with covenants. That being said, there is some discussion behind what M+ loot represents, and hopefully we can iron out those kinks.

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