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Major Reasons why Class Order halls need to be a permanent/ongoing aspect of Wow

wow7 - Major Reasons why Class Order halls need to be a permanent/ongoing aspect of Wow

As a player of wow for 10 years, order halls were something that has stuck out as awesome to play through. So I felt compelled to write out some objective reasons why they need to stay in the game.

  • It's the easiest cash grab blizzard. Alt-aholics like myself would love to create new characters and spend hours exploring the halls physically and through quests.
  • You can't just reveal the HQ of the paladins, the HQ of the Warlocks, the HQ of the rogues, etc… and just expect us to forget about those places. It's such a tease.
  • The storytelling and unity. Seeing all the order halls doing what they can individually to find ways to stop the legion (or whatever X threat is showcased for the given expansion) was amazing. I liked watching the DKs rebuild the 4 horsemen, or Thorim rescue Hodir, or the warlocks dive into the twisting nether to rescue colleagues who got too obsessed with the wrong kind of dark magic. The epic finale of all the class halls coming together as a single unit was something badass in wow I havent really seen since Wotlk (imo). Since BFAs launch how many class quests were there?
  • I actually started to appreciate the class I picked. Because I was surrounded by other warlocks, I was compelled to better understand what makes my warlock cool and tick.

Edit: As a minor suggestion. Perhaps each class could have a new location with each Xpac, and part of the progression would involve restoring that location to either it's former glory or something just better than it's current state.


Paladins can have Thier updated order hall in the old silver hand location in Stratholme. Efforts would involve restoring the light there and dousing the fires?

Rogues can meet in a bunker under the ravenholdt Manor? Or perhaps in a bunker in the kingdom of Old Alterac? Perhaps there's a secret gathering location reserved for pirates in booty Bay? Efforts can include finally snuffing out the syndicate or tracking Sylvanas' dark rangers.

Warriors can return to Fray island and focus on perhaps running a Arena competition similar to the trial of the crusader in northrend in hopes of developing a militia since the 4th war drained each factions military.

Hunters similar to rogues, would be takes with tracking down sylvanas via her rangers.

Priests can go around from major city to major city to restore health and morale to citizens in the aftermath


My point is… Keep classes involved in the overall eco system of wow. So much creative potential for the devs to tap into

Please upvote so maybe someone at Blizzard will see this and consider bringing it back

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