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Major Rules Rewrite and a Transmog Trial Period

wow2 - Major Rules Rewrite and a Transmog Trial Period

Hello r/wow!

I hope everyone's been having a fun time in Shadowlands.

First and foremost, /u/Aphoenix has left the team as of January 12th after being here 8 years and I've taken over his position as head mod. For 99% of you, this change will mean absolutely nothing. I intend to honour his promise on never making the subreddit private. For the 1% of you who are interested in meta discussions more than most, the change will be much more noticeable.

I've discussed with the team and implemented several internal guidelines which in short mean that rules re-writes like the one we discussed in September don't take forever to get done. Large scale projects like that one have tended to get kicked down the road. Likewise the relaxation of the meme rules we announced back in December was meant to be followed up on in mid-January. That didn't happen due to the aforementioned internal guideline discussion. Issues and ideas brought forth by the community will now have a turn around time of at most two weeks. This is much better from our years long pace of moving at the speed of a glacier.

Rules – New and Old

This follows up on the September and December posts. We've amended many rules. These changes go into effect immediately.

See the TL;DR at the bottom if you're not interested in the details.


There was a lot of interest in seeing Transmog return to r/wow. That is happening! Starting now until March 1st we'll be running a trial period where you can submit your Transmogs to the sub. We're borrowing Transmogrification's rule requiring item sets to be listed in the comments. Failure to do so will result in a post removal. After the trial period ends, we'll be hosting a feedback session here in r/wow to learn from the community how you felt it went and determine whether Transmog should remain banned.


Starting in early December after many meta posts asked we loosen the meme rules, we began allowing more generic memes. The line in the sand was reduced to generic templates that had in-game assets cropped ontop of them. That trial period went longer than expected but nevertheless the change has not altered the sub as much as we expected. As such our meme rules are being relaxed to allow generic templates if WoW imagery is cropped ontop of them. Generic templates that use only text to explain relevancy will be removed.

Self Promotion Guidelines

Our current ruleset allows people to self-promote in the sub so long as they comment around 9 times in other peoples posts between their own submissions. This guideline, called 1:9, was adopted from the Reddit content policy (since removed) a decade ago, though many subreddits decided to keep it as it was a simple rule that protected submitters, the subreddit, and helped identify spammers. With the growth the subreddit has seen over the years, it's no longer a feasible rule to enforce. It mostly relies on moderators remembering how often someone submits. As such, many people have flown under the radar for months.

The new rule will allow submitters to submit something they created once per week in the sub. They are no longer required to comment in other peoples submissions. They are required to comment in their own, though if you receive no comments we're not going to hold it against you. A textbook example of this rule is /u/Keydar who posts his comics in the sub every week, comments in his own posts, but otherwise doesn't really participate here.


We were considering allowing these posts back in September. However after much internal discussion, FAQ posts will remain removed. Many mods feel like the userbase in /new may grow increasingly hostile to these posts if they were allowed to remain rather than get removed. We've seen this happen in other subreddits and don't want a repeat here.


I'm Quitting the game posts

These will now be allowed, provided they're constructive and not just a rant. We will be a bit more strict with these posts on not having clickbait titles. Typically a constructive quitting post is not much different than a Discussion post, so try to aim for that.

Witch Hunts

This rule is tricky as often times the witch is known. Nevertheless we don't allow call out threads. So we've renamed the rule to "No Call Outs" and will now require people to blank out all player/guild names in images regardless of whether or not they're portrayed in a negative light. This change is mostly just a change of the language of the rule to be clearer.

Chat boxes

Chat Boxes will be allowed again. Banning them back in BFA had the anticipated change we wanted, though over time it feels more and more like allowing them is fine. We've created an exception for the call out rule if the post is not negative and the name(s) are required to understand the post, such as puns or coincidental names.

Weekly Threads

The Saturday Guild Recruitment Thread will be renamed to "Recruitment Saturday" as it will now allow broader recruitment topics. We'll be creating top level comment categories for LFG in the NA, OCE and EU regions. We'll also be allowing people to promote their WoW Discords. Please report people who decide to use this change to promote their boosting Discords, those are not allowed.

Similarly, Loot Thread Thursday will be renamed to "Achievement and Loot Thursday" to clarify that the thread is for more than loot.

New Rule: No pictures of public webpages

This rule will forbid submissions where a screenshot has been taken of a website that the submitter could just link to. I.e. a picture of a tweet or something posted on the forums. The rule will not apply to pictures of tickets with GM's as that is not a public webpage.

TL;DR of the Rule Changes

  • The relaxed meme rule trial period has gone well and it will remain.
  • Transmog posts will be temporarily allowed until March 1st.
  • We are borrowing Transmogrification's rule requiring an item list in Transmog posts.
  • After March 1st we will have a feedback thread here in r/wow about how the trial period went and to determine whether Transmog should be allowed permanently.
  • 1:9 submission rule removed and replaced with one that allows one post of something you created per 1 week period.
  • FAQ posts will remain removed.
  • "I'm Quitting WoW" posts will be allowed if they're constructive and not just a rant, however we will be more strict on clickbait titles with them.
  • Witch Hunt rule reworded to "No Call Outs". Player and guild names in all images must be blanked out regardless if they're portrayed in a negative or positive light.
  • Chat boxes will be allowed again, with exceptions to the Call Out rule if the post is not negative and the name(s) are required to understand the post, such as puns or coincidental names.
  • Weekly Threads – Saturday thread renamed to "Recruitment Saturday" and will allow broader recruitment threads such as those for in-game groups and Discords related to WoW. No boost discords.
  • Weekly Threads – Loot Thread Thursday renamed to "Achievement and Loot Thursday" to clarify that the post is about more than loot.
  • New rule: Submitting pictures of public webpages where a link to the content would suffice will be removed.

Feel free to discuss these changes in the comments or suggest new ones.

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