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Message to PvP community.

wow1 - Message to PvP community.

Problem: Good players are too toxic, decent players are too full of themselves and it's both of our faults for preventing bad players from getting better.

Background: I consider myself a good PvPer with Gladiator/Hero achievements and game knowledge since Season 1 of TBC.

Discussion: LFG is only a cesspool because our community makes it that way, and the high level cliques for activities like RBG are too arrogant to PUG new talent. The PvP community is small because it's nearly impossible to gradually get into. You need to commit some serious time to go from 0-Hero or 0-Glad and that's okay, but it isn't when you have to commit serious time to go from 0 – 2200 or less because of toxicity.

Instead of raging at somebody and calling them garbage for not having your achievements, teach them how to improve. I played support roles and helped 7 different players get welfare glad last season from near zero experience. All the while they were beating previous Rank 1s and "Hard Season" veterans.

Not all people are trash, have patience and be a role model for learning players. It's incredibly rewarding when they end up teaching YOU something about a different class or come up with a great new strategy for difficult teams.

Banning people from discords for having different opinions or throwing a game in RBGs/Arena, Blacklisting, DDOSing etc is just scummy behavior. This behavior isn't as prevalent in low CR but in mid-High it's ridiculous.

Maybe if other players see the barrier to entry lower, we'll have a more active community and the devs will begin to listen to us. Maybe we'll even get Savix's dream of soloQ after all. Maybe we won't see so many aggressive comments in PvP threads like "no thanks, not trying that garbage again" etc.


TLDR: PvP is the true endgame for those interested in competition and class mastery, but the barrier to entry is too high because of community behavior. If other PvP game communities can be friendly, so can we.

Edit: -5 downvotes in a minute is exactly the problem we need to fix, gang.

Edit 2: If anybody new to PvP really doesn't know where to start, never be afraid of asking. There are also some free guides on skill-capped and wowhead written by TOP tier players

Edit 3: Really glad this reached some people. The take away is to provide a better community for us all. Try and slow down and not be so impatient. You might save more time teaching an inexperienced partner to play than sitting in LFG trying to find your achievement soulmate!

Edit 4: thanks for my first Reddit Glad 😀 (see what I did there??)

Edit 5: blizzo if u r reading this friends, the people have spoken… we need a soloQ!

Edit 6: for those of you asking, where do I start? I'm working late and I'll type something up later to explain what worked for me!

Edit 7: This post welcomes all PvErs with M+ horror stories as well. Leave them below they're actually hilarious and eye-opening.

P.S: THANK YOU FOR REDDIT MULTI GLAD (oh baby a triple!) AND ALL YOUR RESPONSES! I really hope all of you on the fence give PvP a shot and realize that flag of ownership planted on your corpse was because WE LOVE YOU, or those of you having a bad session think about when you were a noob and give people a chance.

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