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Most Awesome Naga Allied race concept by Moma

wow4 - Most Awesome Naga Allied race concept by Moma

Saw this on mmo-champion. Loved it so much. It's done by Big mama: All credit to him. Love it.


Nazdorei are a rebellious group of Naga that turned against Queen Azshara and her tyrannical reign. Hundreds of years ago, they secretly returned to their faith and once again started to worship the moon goddess. During this time, many have been exposed and paid with their lives for such a treason, with only very few ending up exiled to the Abyssal Depths of Vashj'ir.

It was only after their sacrifice that was made during the fall of Azshara that all of the faithful have finally redeemed themselves and received Elune's great blessing. They were granted the ability to return to their elven form and they took upon their new name – Nazdorei, the children of the sea.

4u6lpwwnryl21 - Most Awesome Naga Allied race concept by Moma

Racial Skills

One with the Water

Passive: You turn into your Naga form instantly upon reaching the water, increasing your swimspeed by 100% and allowing you to breathe underwater.


Passive: You heal for 100 every 3 sec while underwater. Moving or casting cancels the effect.



Increases your Haste by 1%. Also increases your chance to dodge melee attacks by 2%.

Tide of Vengeance

Instant cast

Hurl a wave of water that deals (Attack power * 2) Nature damage to the target. All enemies between you and the target are knocked back.

Two Forms

Instant cast

Turn into your currently inactive form.

Water Predator


Fishing skill increased by 15.


Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Shaman, Mage




Racial Mount


Hunter Pet


Joining the Alliance


Before allowing them to join the Alliance, the High King demands that the Nazdorei must officialy reach out to the Kaldorei who will have the final word on whether or not are they worthy of joining the faction. Maiev Shadowsong is the first person who approaches them and she isn't particulary welcoming. After a brief but calm exchange of views, Tyrande Whisperwind joins the meeting and weighs in on her previous encounter with the Nightborne. Tyrande explains that she might have been too quick to judge the Nightborne and then states that she won't do the same mistake again. She carries on and says that she will let the children of the sea prove their worth on their own rather than making another hasty decision by herself.


I hate when a turtle makes it to the water.

No, I won't impersonate a murloc.

Okay, okay, I will. But it's the last time I'm doing it: Mrrlrllrlrgrglr!

Sunwell, Nightwell, Well of Eternity… Well, I don't care!

I'm really not a fan of dry humor.


I hope you like fishing, because we should definitely hook up!

I always had a thing for landwalkers, you know?

There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you're the only one I'd like to catch.

Did you know that your body is made 70% of water? And now I'm thirsty.

Water you doing tonight?

Have you ever dipped in the Naga pond?


xw9jwipcsyl21 - Most Awesome Naga Allied race concept by Moma

Female Hairstyles

d8n4tbbetyl21 - Most Awesome Naga Allied race concept by Moma

Male Hairstyles

erlf33vntyl21 - Most Awesome Naga Allied race concept by Moma


7hzsxm5ruyl21 - Most Awesome Naga Allied race concept by Moma


They are automatically switched to their elven form while on mounts.

Additional options would be some other skin tones and different colour scales.

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