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Most recent world first kill for every spec (Updated for BoD)

wow3 - Most recent world first kill for every spec (Updated for BoD)

This version is updated for Battle of Dazar'Alor (Previous version)

Just a random bit of trivia. This is not meant to show the viability of each spec or anything, so don't interpret it as such.

Since it seems and sometimes record the incorrect spec, I based this off the kill videos (the spec is typically visible from the damage meter).

The "Days" column is the number of days between that kill and the most recent one, which is Mythic Jaina. The dates are in international format. The specs are grouped by their classes.

Please let me know if there is a mistake.

Death Knight – BloodStormwall Blockade23 (a)2019-01-306
Death Knight – FrostHigh Tinker Mekkatorque23 (a)2019-01-297
Death Knight – UnholyMaiden of Vigilance202017-06-29586
Demon Hunter – HavocLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Demon Hunter – VengeanceZul, Reborn222018-09-14144
Druid – BalanceLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Druid – FeralOdyn19 (b)2016-11-15812
Druid – GuardianArgus the Unmaker212017-12-13419
Druid – RestorationMythrax222018-09-16142
Hunter – Beast MasteryLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Hunter – MarksmanshipLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Hunter – SurvivalBlackhand17 (b)2015-02-201446
Mage – ArcaneG'huun222018-09-19129
Mage – FireLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Mage – FrostStormwall Blockade23 (a)2019-01-306
Monk – BrewmasterLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Monk – MistweaverStormwall Blockade23 (a)2019-01-306
Monk – WindwalkerKing Rastakhan23 (a)2019-01-297
Paladin – HolyStormwall Blockade23 (a)2019-01-306
Paladin – ProtectionKing Rastakhan23 (a)2019-01-297
Paladin – RetributionLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Priest – DisciplineLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Priest – HolyJadefire Masters23 (a)2019-01-297
Priest – ShadowLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Rogue – AssassinationLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Rogue – OutlawVectis222018-09-11147
Rogue – SubtletyZul, Reborn222018-09-14144
Shaman – ElementalJadefire Masters23 (a)2019-01-297
Shaman – EnhancementAntoran High Command212017-12-05427
Shaman – RestorationLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Warlock – AfflictionHigh Tinker Mekkatorque23 (a)2019-01-297
Warlock – DemonologySisters of the Moon202017-06-27588
Warlock – DestructionLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Warrior – ArmsG'huun222018-09-19139
Warrior – FuryLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05
Warrior – ProtectionLady Jaina Proudmoore23 (a)2019-02-05

Congratulations to Fire Mages, Marksmanship Hunters, Protection Paladins, Elemental Shamans, Fury Warriors, Destruction Warlocks, and Protection Warriors for their first Battle for Azeroth WFs!



  • I could not find Limit's video of Opulence so I based it off their Wowprogress page which may be inaccurate
  • Milennia of Big Dumb Guild is listed as Arcane on Wowprogress for their Jadefire Masters world 1st but they were evidently Frost in the kill video
  • Specs are not evident for Wildcard Gaming's video of Mythic Grong. The Wowprogress page shows no specs of note and I can't see any in the video.


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