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Mounts with Talent Trees

wow10 - Mounts with Talent Trees

So, I got this idea while talking with some viewers on stream and one of my major arguments on improving wow is how can we reintroduce RPG elements to the game to make decisions and customization meaningful for personal development and investment.

Currently hunters have pets, and we have battle pets as well. Some of them fit into different families, have different traits, and different talents.

I want the same idea with mounts, but specialized like old talent trees (purely utility).

You would have multiple different families but for this example, we will go with the following:


Level 1

Bubble Boy/Girl – +1 minute to underwater breathing (creates a bubble around your mount)

Level 3

Slippery when wet – Gives you a chance to "slip" out of a dazing hit if you've recently entered the water

Level 5

Light as a feather – Your mount can now walk on water

Fishing for Compliments – Your mount now moves faster in water than on land


Level 1

Tail wind – you leave little gusts of wind behind you slowing mobs following behind you

Level 3

Winded – Gain a small burst of speed passively every minute, lasts 5 seconds

Level 5

Wingspan – Allows your mount to glide for 10 seconds when jumping off x height

Airhead – Allows your mount to jump higher than normal


Level 1

Roar – lets out a roar intimidating nearby mobs from aggroing, usable once every 2 minutes

Level 3

Cowardly Lion – Increases mount speed by 3% when aggro'd by a mob

Level 5

Prowl – Reduce movement speed by 10% to reduce aggro radius by X

King of the Jungle – You can pounce on enemies similar to a charge, stunning them for .25 seconds



Level 1

Mechstakes were made – Sometimes while in combat, a wrench will be thrown at a nearby mob, causing them to lose aggro

Level 3

Rocket Jump – Your mount is able to jump slightly higher

Level 5

Rocket boost – Your mount can now fly with the power of rockets! *Not responsible for death due to falling

Xtreme Racket – Your mech now makes much louder noises, as a consequence of its increased…loudness your mounts speed has increased by 2%


Level 1

Thunder Thigh High – All enemies that are walked over that are only in combat with the player will be stunned briefly.

Level 3

Giants Droppings – Every now and then your mount will leave behind…a surprise that has a chance of triggering "Eww, you stepped in it" from following mobs. Let's just say that, this stinks for all following NPCs that might lose interest in pursuing you as a result.

Level 5

Catasplat – Your mount is now capable of launching you x feet in any direction

Giants Stride – Your mount can now move 2% faster due to having such a large legs span

So, there is some repetition here, and there is a lot to work out with concepts, I'm just a single person, and I don't make the game. The idea is to have a lot of fun utility stuff that changes how you interact with the world around you. Leveling them up could be done via mount specific quests, XP earned at max level, etc. For each of them there could be a "level 6" that gives them extra cosmetic options, such as death sparkles (skulls) for invincible.

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