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My 11 year ‘Death’s Demise’ journey without Mimiron’s Head

wow10 - My 11 year 'Death's Demise' journey without Mimiron's Head

11 years ago, on October 21st 2009, my guild 'Casual' killed Yogg-0 for the first time EVER on the US-Hyjal server.

Kill Video:

(apologies in advance for the music video style – A guildie made it) – I still get embarrassed watching that video because I ended up being the first one to die right at the end to an add that ran through Yogg-Saron while I had Blade Flurry up and 'Tricks' on CD.

I was fairly new to the guild and still earning my keep. I had only maybe joined a few weeks prior, but was lucky enough to snag a starting raid spot for progression.

By this time in the WoTLK expansion, Trial of the Crusader was already out for a couple of weeks, and was our primary progression raid focus. Luckily, toward the end of each raid week, we were able to go back into Ulduar to try and secure the Yogg-0 kill. For those who remember, it was a hard boss for sure.

Since I was new to the guild, I was far far down on the totem pole of when I was expected to get the mount….that's just how it goes sometimes and I didn't think anything of it. However, as the weeks went on, and with ICC coming out in December of 2009, our time in Ulduar became less and less. There were even some weeks where we didn't even step foot in there since 'Invincible' became the new "MUST HAVE" mount in WoTLK.

As week after week passed, fast forward to the end of the expansion, I STILL had not secured the mount. At the time…I had 1 main character (My rogue – Zemme) that I have played since day 1 when I started back in BC. I didn't have any serious alts I could have used to re-run Ulduar each week. My fault, absolutely…but that's just how I played back then. Anyway, on the FINAL week before the 100% chance became a 1% chance, It was between myself, and a Paladin tank who joined 'Casual' at the same time as I did. I lost the roll….I rolled a 93….he rolled a 98. I was devastated….I had a realm first "Death's Demise" title…Something I was SO proud of…but no Mim's Head to show for it.


For MONTHS, I spent every moment outside of progression signing up for raid after raid on OpenRaid, trying to re-kill Yogg-0 and have it drop. Over time, luckily it became something I could farm on my own, but week after week it was still the same result…..Nothing. Months became years, years became a decade….Still Nothing.

That is….until yesterday. I had gotten to the point of mindless disappointment each week when looting Yogg. It just became habit to enter Ulduar, and leave without a mount. I also knew there was an achievement as well, so I figured if/when I looted the head, the achi would be a dead giveaway that it dropped (turns out the achi only pops when you 'use' the mount and add it to your mount collection). Not realizing that, I looted yesterday and saw no achi, so I chalked it up to another week of disappointment and ran toward the teleporter….then I noticed the word "Mimiron's" in the spam of purple….I looked closer and my heart sank to the floor. I couldn't believe it…..I opened my bags and saw the yellow and blue icon, and was absolutely ecstatic. IT. F******. DROPPED.

Finally…..A painful, embarrassing, 11 year journey was over. WoTLK was a very special time in my life, and this was a piece of nostalgia that I just HAD to have. To me, no other mount matters and I seriously think it will be the only mount I ever ride for the remainder of my wow career.

While I know it's not everyone's favorite mount…….

" This is my Mimiron's Head. There are many like it, but this one is mine. "

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