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My best interaction on this game with strangers so far

wow6 - My best interaction on this game with strangers so far

I wanted to share something that happend to me today (i'm from South America, so i'm sorry for my english)

So i was on an alt doing uldum’s assault, about to kill that leader of the assault. This alt is a bit new, so I don’t have the ideal dps and all, but I tried to solo the thing regardless… spoiler alert: I couldn’t… I dropped it to 35% and I almost died, so I ran away and reset it, healed back up and waited until someone came.
A couple of seconds passed and this Female Belf paladin came and started attacking the thing, I saw her health, just to know if she was able to kill it, she was on tank spec, so she could but I might took her a while, so I jumped it with all my cd and helped her kill it, making sure I don’t hit her with aoe to let her know I wanted to help.
We kill it, then she thanked me, got mounted and was about to fly away, that’s when I used “/wait” and “/beg” to try to communicate I wanted to kill that thing and that I needed help, she got the message and was going to wait with me right on the spawn point.
Meanwhile, this Male Belf Ret Paladin and this Tauren Blood DK arrived at the scene looking to kill the thing and they saw me trying to communicate with this FBelf and the MBelf stunned me and just looked at me, trying to see if I would run/fight/idk, then the DK started to attack and cc me. This alt is a monk, so I used all my mobility to kite them because I saw that FBelf wasn’t attacking and was just watching me.
So I was kiting those 2, and then the FBelf talked to them, idk what he said to them, but that MBelf stopped attacking, and the DK was just chasing but with less killing intentions
Then the leader spawned back again and by that time, 2 more horde players arrived, so I backed slowly and let them kill the thing and they left, except for the FBelf, who stood and was willing to tank the thing for me.
Another couple of seconds later, a 5-men Alliance Group arrived, there was a mage, 2 rogues and idk what else, one of those rogues used sap on the Horde paladin and the mage used poly too, so I ran and stood between them and my horde friend and told them to not harm him/her, the other rogue stunned him/her and I did the same, they told me they were sorry for trying to harm my friend and just stayed there to kill the leader with me, then I waved and bowed (pandaren monk, I had to) at this FBelf and we all left
I don’t remember your name but I know you are from a South America server, just like me
We always get discriminated for being toxic or just bad at the game, but those players who discriminate, just ran into the wrong ppl, there are assholes and awesome players everywhere
so, if you are reading this, I want you to know for helping me get out of that situation and for letting me get you out of trouble, I love you… and think you are awesome


tl;dr : I made a friend on the another faction, we saved each other

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