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My first 1-110 journey after 7.3.5 leveling changes

wow7 - My first 1-110 journey after 7.3.5 leveling changes

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As someone who has leveled very few characters to the max level, I decided to document my leveling journey, especially with the zone bundling of 7.3.5 I was going to be experiencing for the first time.

Perhaps some will find it interesting. Here goes.

Note: I am using heirlooms 1-110.

Note 2: This was done on 8.1.5. Apparently there's been a boost to 60-80 done in 8.1.


Made my Gnome Mage and off I go on an adventure! Although I have done the 1-60 content quite often, I really appreciate being able to complete zones and not having to quit halfway through because the enemies are becoming grey. Levels go by quickly, so far so good.

Time taken: No idea. Wasn't tracking it back here.


I've been waiting for this moment ever since the leveling overhaul was announced. Obviously, I picked Northrend as my questing area. Hellfire Peninsula simply brings about this dreadful feeling of "Not this s** again…"* and I have several characters sitting at 58-61 simply because I couldn't be bothered to do Outland.

So I start questing in Borean Tundra. I decided I'm gonna finally sit around and unlock Loremaster achievements for zones I level in, so by the time I was done with Borean, I hit level 70. Damn, that was quick.

Alright, so I have about one, one and a half zones to do before I have to move on. I do Dragonblight next, mostly because a quest lead me there, though I also enjoy the Wrathgate and Frostmourne storylines. By the time Loremaster for Dragonblight dings, I am level 79 and like 85% through. So I do a quest or two in Grizzly Hills to top myself off.

Time taken: A weekend. Roughly 10 levels per day.


The leveling is still quick, I mean, two zones per level bracket? That's insane. However, as I hit 80, I realize there are 4 (technically 5) more expansions to go. Damn, this game is big. It may be a good thing the leveling is fast, afterall.

Anyway, level 80 – Pandaria, here we go! Not that I dislike Cata zones, I'm actually one of the few people, or so it seems, who liked Vashj'ir.


In Pandaria, the situation from Northrend repeats. By the time I'm done with The Jade Forest, I'm well into level 85. I hit 90 about 3/4 into Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Ah well, time to move on. Might return here to finish the loremaster (probably not, though).

Time taken: A day. Like 8 hours of gameplay or something.


I wish they merged WoD and Legion here as well, or extended MoP to 100. Having to go through the Dark Portal intro scenario for the N-th time is truly soul-sucking. At least by the time my Garrison was standing, I was level 92 so hopefully this won't take too long.

Well, what do you know. I hit 98 before clearing Shadowmoon Valley. The leveling actually felt faster than MoP, which seems kinda weird. The leveling speed is another reason to bundle WoD with other expansion.

Time taken: About 4-5 hours.


I was fairly curious what they were going to do with Artifact weapons in this bracket now that BfA hit. Most of you probably know this, but basically the skills/traits are gone and sockets are for item levels only. Quest rewards that gave AP are greys to be sold for gold. It's fairly sensible change tbh, don't know what I was expecting.

Leveling in this bracket is quite similar to how it was during Legion being the main expansion, albeit slightly faster, obviously. I cleared Azsuna story and got halfway through Highmountain by the time I hit 110.

It would have taken longer doing zones alone. I also did 2-3 invasion events, which netted 1 to 1.5 levels each. The large elites with ~200k HP had to be skipped, as there were not enough people around (usually nobody) to help. On the topic of invasions, I'm not a fan of the timer. Maybe it's just me, but during Legion they seemed to be way more frequent. Nowadays, they happen 1-2 times per day, which had a tendency to conflict with my IRL duties.

Time taken: About 3 light evening play sessions. I'd say it's possible in a day if you focus on leveling.

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