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My first heart break: a short WoW love story

wow10 - My first heart break: a short WoW love story

When I was 14 I was as big of a nerd IRL as I was a star in WoW Burning Crusade. My lvl 70 orc hunter was pretty much maxed out and I was co-running a big guild on the EU Bloodhoof server. One day I was running some errands for my guild when I ran into this low-level female Blood Elf named "Paladinechickk" (something along those lines). She blew me kisses and kindly asked if I could help her out with a quest. Lonely, awkward and slightly horny 14 y/o me obliged. As I was helping her, she let me know that she was a girl and was 14 just like me. It even turned out that we were from the same country. We friend-listed each other and would chat for days and days before eventually becoming GF and BF in game.

Caroline was her RL name and I was in love. Every day after school I'd sit at my screen waiting anxiously for her. Whenever she came online my heart-rate increased and I felt genuinely happy inside.

I bought her expensive gear, boosted her in dungeons and I even got her a Gold Ring (for those unfamiliar, this was a ridiculously expensive ring for show-off with no actual stats). She told me how she looked IRL: tall, blonde hair and blue eyes – every 14 y/o's dream I thought.

However, a few weeks in, things went south. Caroline had introduced me to her brother, who often joined in when we were boosting. One day, Caroline didn't come online at all and halfway through the next day I wrote her brother asking him why Caroline wasn't playing ATM:


"Wait who's Caroline?" He said.

"Erhm, your sister, you know", I replied.

"Wait, I don't have a sister. Do you mean Paladinechickk? Cause that's my little brother Carl". He said.

At that point it felt like my world fell apart. When Paladinechickk/Carl/Caroline eventually came online I asked him about the situation and he caved in and confessed that he had pretended to be a girl to get me to help him. He said he felt sorry and was planning on telling me eventually, but he didn't want to make me sad as he thought I was a nice dude and could tell I was really into him/her. He asked me if we could still be friends IG, but I promptly blocked him and proceeded to cry myself to sleep feeling completely humiliated.

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What followed was even worse. All my WoW friends and guild-mates knew about our IG relationship and word quickly got around about what had happened. I eventually left my guild as the "friendly bullying" became too much for me to bear.

TL; DR: a guy I met on WoW exploited lonely teenage me by pretending to be a girl.

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