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My predictions for the Horde story in patch 8.2 based on the current trends of this game.

wow6 - My predictions for the Horde story in patch 8.2 based on the current trends of this game.

The player, and Nathanos are en route to the throne room in Ogrimmar.
Nathanos just finished a series of 'clever' quips. Made at the expense of whatever ancient and powerful being he was chosen to conquer this patch cycle. He tries so hard to be Tyrion Lannister from the Game of Thrones, and if the writers were allowed to tried a little harder; it might be endearing. Instead, it is annoying.

Sylvanas comes into view as they enter the throne room. She has a cardboard box
full of puppies beside her, having just discovered that puppy souls are potent fuel for Necromantic rituals, but only if they die painfully. She has a skinning knife in hand, and was just about to start flaying, when the player enters.

Dropping the puppy back in it's box, and casually tossing aside the knife. She immediately begins to bombard the player with exposition. Remember dear viewers. The best stories are deliberately explained to you, like the well behaved consumer you are.

Just then, enters Baine Bloodhoof. A creature, that as something that is both bovine, and a invertabrate; is truly a morbid curiosity to behold.


"I don't think we should skin puppies to fuel Necromancy" he boldly mumbles. Waggling his finger at Sylvanas.

"Shut up Baine, it's fOr ThE hOrDe!" she growls. Tossing some empty beer cans into his face.

"You're not the man your father was, and you never will be" she yells.

Baine recoils from this, like a punch to the balls. His shoulders slump, and he leaves the room; tears raining from his eyes.

"Well I guess that's all it takes to COW him these days" says Nathanos, a stupid grin stretching from ear to ear.

Sylvanas turns to the player.

"I have some magic beans or whatever for that stupid necklace of yours.
Just finish up my work with these damn puppies and you can have them"
she barks, motioning for you to pick up the knife.

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Back in the real world, the time changes from 11:59 to 12:00 and you are billed $14.99 for more time in this virtual world

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