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My WoW account of over 4 years has been falsely banned.

wow9 - My WoW account of over 4 years has been falsely banned.

Title says it all

Yesterday, 2/7/2019 my WoW account had been banned for false accusations.

Let me start by saying that I can not just "make a new account." No, my account was chock full of a lot of stuff. Varying from removed items, titles locked behind crazy achievements, over 325 mounts, over 800 battle pets, and multiple TCG items, as well as the Kor'Kron Dark Shaman set on my Shaman main with over 1500 hours logged into him alone. (All you shaman players out there know the pain of getting this set.)

The reason I was banned was for "Abusing the Economy." Yes, I like to think I am good at the Auction House with the selling of Transmog, Battle Pets, Mounts, Materials, you name it and chances are I sell it. 1700 auctions and counting all on my bank alt Xathum. Who had approximately 420k on him at the time of this. (Heres a link to my bank alt's 'The Undermine Journal' page to show that these are all legit auctions and yes, I own them:
xathum - My WoW account of over 4 years has been falsely banned. A dear friend of mine and fellow guildmate Norgamdir (In-game name Arzik), who I had actually met over World of Warcraft has been having it rough as of late between job searching and lack of money coming in. WoW is a big thing for him, and gives him an escape from the stress of the real world, much like it does for all of us. This friend needed game time and couldn't afford it with real life money, due to the reasons stated above. He also had been wanting to server transfer his shaman alt from Ghostlands to Emerald Dream so he could once again be with all his friends on another character. I mean, who doesn't like playing with friends? Currently, this buddy has been seeming kinda down lately, so I figured why not try to cheer him up!? Me, trying to just be a nice person, told him "Sure, I'll front you the gold!" The total cost of a WoW token on Emerald Dream is around 118k. One WoW token once redeemed for balance will give you $15, and since a server transfer costs $25, he would need two tokens to complete this transaction. Coming out to 236k, but then I remembered he also required game time, so thats another token, another 118k. In total my friend needed 354k. I just rounded it up to 360k to make the math easier for myself, and because the of the AH cut. The reason I bring up AH cut is because I have read multiple, MULTIPLE posts of people getting falsely flagged by a bot for just trading gold, due to this being the way Real-Life Money Gold Sellers tend to do it. These posts told me that going through the AH was the safest way to give gold to your friends, plus he didn't mind the one hour wait time on receiving the gold. All I was trying to do was keep my friend in the game, I am not a Gold Seller. Just someone trying to be nice.

My buddy Norgamdir, being a Jewelcrafter, had 4 Masterful Tidal Amethyst in his bags. I do like to stack Mastery on my main, so I could use these. I wanted the gems, and he needed the gold. So, he posted the gems up for 360k and I bought them out. All seemed well and good! Until I got this E-Mail…

Email I had received of Blizzard permanently banning my account

36tyny3i4hf21 - My WoW account of over 4 years has been falsely banned.

Screenshot of my buddy's and I's DMs. Him asking if I really wanted to give him the gold. The thing he needed explaining with in Discord was how WoW Tokens worked, for he had never used them before and just wanted a helping hand.

Now, this really came as a surprise to me. I actually had to take a double take, because I was so startled at what I was reading. There was absolutely no IRL money changing hands here, just a friend trying to keep another friend around. Needless to say, I submitted a ticket about this… seeing if anything could be done.

fkgpyo6k4hf21 - My WoW account of over 4 years has been falsely banned.

Screenshot of the Ticket I sent in, the attached image was the one of the DM's above.

I did also manage to get into a live chat with a GM, who said they would push my case up to the investigation team. This all sounded so promising, I was actually thinking maybe I would get my account back!

That did not happen. This was the response I got.

xzo71fcm4hf21 - My WoW account of over 4 years has been falsely banned.

Screenshot of the response I received.

I just… I don't know what to even think at this. I am honestly severely disappointed with Blizzard right now. I have been a avid player of the game who has easily dumped thousands of dollars between expansions, game time, store mounts, store pets, IRL merchandise, art commissioned of my main, and even a few character boosts. I have so many friends in this game, so many hours of my life sent sitting here chatting with friends of similar interests. Countless laughs and good times, only to be cut off like nothing. I am a true player, and was planning on being for many more hours. Guess not…

If anyone has any advice on what I could do to possibly get my account back, please, please do tell. I need all the help I can get right now.

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