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My WoW routine as someone who doesn’t care much about M+. :(

wow2 - My WoW routine as someone who doesn't care much about M+. :(
  1. Start WoW

  2. Log onto warrior main, run around boralus thinking that I should do Mythic+. Think about how all the gear I could spend weeks grinding to get is going to be invalid anyway soon.

  3. Run a couple of tmog runs. Still need Fallen Avatar, group disbands before that boss. Check Emissaries, oh joy 1k azerite… logout.

  4. Go onto gnome mage alt, maybe I'll try to finish my class mount on this character. Remember that I have to do "Breaching the Tomb" on every character again, log out.

  5. Swap over to my horde warrior, same experience as #2.

  6. Log on to level 9 Orc Shaman alt. Do some quests and think about how to enjoy BFA content more.

  7. Exit WoW and go back on Reddit. 😐


EDIT: I guess I should clarify since a couple people are jumping down my throat and thinking I'm being a "hater" or whatever. I love WoW, and want to WANT to play it. The combo of class/character progression, individual class content (class halls/mage tower), anything similar to artifact weapons, etc where I felt connected to the character has been lost in BFA IMO. The gameplay itself is inherently slower and classes feel worse to play than they did in Legion. So things like "just enjoy the gameplay" are harder to do when the game literally feels worse to play.

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