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Next expansion (9.0) predictions (some new and old) – Dragon Isles, Death-themed enemy, level squish, Tinkers and Necromancers and more

wow1 - Next expansion (9.0) predictions (some new and old) - Dragon Isles, Death-themed enemy, level squish, Tinkers and Necromancers and more

Some of these things are relatively popular opinions, some of them aren’t. So, take them as you will!

Aspect of 9.0 Explanation
Nya’lotha/N’Zoth was 8.3 We are going to Nya'lotha in 8.3 to defeat N'Zoth. N'Zoth has already been teased for this patch. Every raid except Dazar'alor has been Old God-aligned (Uldir, Crucible of Storms, Azshara’s Eternal Palace). The Black Empire is not the next expansion. This is the N’Zoth expansion. While MoP ‘teased’ WoD with an orc raid, and WoD ‘teased’ Legion with a demon raid, these were one raid at a time, not the majority of them. We will defeat N’Zoth in some way in 8.3, likely going to Nya’lotha to do so – which is believed to be situated between Zandalar and Kul Tiras anyway.
New Continent: Dragon Isles The Dragon Isles have resurfaced in BFA and have been firmly established as a place in lore out of the blue. This make it the only place on Azeroth worthy of a continent left in the game that is not underground or yet another tropical island, which is unlikely right after Zandalar. While other worlds are possible, I think it’s likely we’ll stay around on Azeroth for at least one more expansion.
Forces of Death as the main enemy Demons were present throughout WoD with Gul'dan's forces and cultists rising to power, leading into Legion. Azshara's naga and other Old God forces were sprinkled throughout all of the Broken Isles, leading into Battle for Azeroth. Now, with Bwonsamdi and the Heartsbane Coven, I believe it will lead into 9.0. Of course none of these have been directly, so we likely won’t fight the Heartsbane Coven again. Though, I think it is likely that Bwonsamdi will be carried over like Khadgar was. So, this will likely include Bwonsamdi himself, Sylvanas (who won’t die in BFA), Kel'thuzad (whose phylactery was never destroyed) and the Lich King Bolvar (who was getting active in Legion) among new enemies and figures. This would allow for a new enemy to be established. And the cynic in me wants to say that a mixture of dragons and death-themed enemies would allow Blizzard to try and call upon feelings of Wrath of the Lich King with 9.0, especially since the Dragon Isles is likely between Northrend and Quel’Thalas.
Bwonsamdi’s boss Likely our 9.3 main enemy. It wouldn't be the first time our final boss was set up only the patch of release (the world soul Argus in Legion). This is a mystery figure that Blizzard could have fun building up throughout the next expansion.
Shadowlands end-game The perfect place for the forces of death to be faced. There’s been some build up in the background of BFA, I think we will almost definitely go here in 9.3 or so. While some think it could be the setting of an entire expansion, we also thought the Emerald Dream, Argus and Nazjatar could be expansion settings. The cool places become patches and islands become continents with Blizzard.
Return of dragons With the Dragon Isles, we'll definitely see a massive return of the dragons, especially namely Wrathion who has been searching for them for some reason throughout BFA. This was hinted at before BFA was announced, though for BFA itself which turned out to be false. Maybe we’ll get some Chromie resolution?
Level squish (60-70?) I am almost certain it is happening. Call me a cynic but I don’t think they’re really asking for our opinions when they mention it. They’re just getting us ready for it.
New Class; Tinker Mechagnomes, first and foremost. Though more importantly, in fact, is that the Island Expedition NPC teams are comprised of player classes. Except one team on both sides – Tinkers who have unique play styles that aren't seen in player characters. Tanks who wear mechasuits, healers who control healbots and DPS who sneak around and set traps.
Prestige classes A continuation of the allied race system that Blizzard seems to be happy with. I’m picturing classes that aren’t unique enough to get their own play style, ones that are just reskinned old classes that have new animations and spell effects. Ones you unlock via a reputation grind and level anew. Two likely options for prestige classes in a dragon expansion with a death force would be dragonsworn (from the non-canon RPG book) and necromancers.
New tauren species Every other expansion has had a new tauren subspecies (x, taunka, x, yaungol, x, highmountain, x, …). Get ready for scaleytauren or something on the Dragon Isles.
No desert zone Every other expansion has had a (sandy) desert zone, not including tundras and the like. We just got Vol'dun. The Dragon Isles is likely in its old location between Quel'thalas and Northrend which is perfect for not having a pure desert zone.
Player housing (Less likely) I think player housing is somewhat likely since it seems to have been on Blizzard’s 'bucket list' for years now. Since their main competitors seem to be FF14 and possibly ESO, they might give it a go now. I expect some fan-service things in the next expansion after BFA, much like how in Legion we got a few after WoD.
Loosened faction barriers (Less likely) I believe that there must be a reason they're retelling MoP's story. They said this is their way of resolving the faction war arc. Why did it need resolved at this level? In WoD all we saw was some fighting in Ashran for the most part. Pretty typical stuff we would had seen under Thrall. In Legion, all we saw was some fighting between Genn and Sylvanas. This wasn’t a faction-wide thing. So why bring it up now? This could lead to a lore-appropriate way to interact cross-faction post-war, especially since PvP is now an opt-in thing with warmode, but I’m not betting money on it as much as I want this.
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