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Nexus, a fanmade expansion concept

wow5 - Nexus, a fanmade expansion concept


3cbmp3hlwo051 - Nexus, a fanmade expansion concept

This is an expansion concept I started some years ago and thought I could share it with you guys. It's pretty much still a wip, I have much to write. It was also previously named "The Twofold Light" but it got a well deserved revamp.

This concept has been posted in MMO Champion as well for quite some time, which is where I notify people of updates. I keep most of the info though in a
doc, where you can also leave comments. It used to be a blog but the doc is much easier to manage and the sidebar navigation works wonders.

Nexus is something you could call an "Outlandish" expansion because it's set in the Twisting Nether, just like Outland (yay, floating islands again!). The general felling of it should be like Mists of Pandaria. Remember the feeling of discovery, new lore, fresh stuff, with no marked big bad guys around (sorry, Garrosh). Instead, I want Nexus to be something you could say it's new and refreshing.

So well *unfolds a large map scroll* here's were we'll head to in the expansion!

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How do we get here, though? It's a long story.

The naaru A’dal receives a signal coming from the Twisting Nether and summons Turalyon, Ishanah, Liadrin and Voren’thal among others to discuss the news in Shattrath. A’dal reveals the signal comes from a collapsed planet named K’aresh and that the emissor is M’ara, one of his brethren. Turalyon sees this as an opportunity to bring greatness to the Alliance, and bends A’dal’s reunion into an uncomfortable Alliance bias that the Blood Elves notice.

Turalyon arranges further meetings exclusively with A’dal and the Aldor. Lady Liadrin and the Scryers, on their part, bring word to Lor’themar Theron of the ongoing events. The Lord Regent calls the Convocation of Silvermoon, adding not only Liadrin and Voren’thal as part of the government of the city, but also Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher to strengthen their people.


Alleria has in the meantime mobilized Anduin and other groups of the Alliance to join A’dal’s campaign. Anduin argues that it would be a wise idea to start negotiations with the Ethereals in Netherstorm if they are to initiate an expedition to K’aresh. The leaders of the Horde, who had been alerted by Lor’themar, sent spies to gather intelligence from the Alliance. Gallywix suggests embittering the Alliance’s negotiations into the Horde’s benefit. The Goblins of Area 52, properly blackmailed by the Steamwheedle Cartel, spread incriminating rumors among the Ethereals to create suspicion on the Alliance. In spite of this, Turalyon bonds with Commander Ameer, the Leader of The Protectorate and exherts his conviction to make Ameer’s Ethereals join the Alliance in their cause. Nexus-Prince Haramad and the less zealous Ethereals who suspect of Turalyon’s motives (secretly influenced by the Goblins), and after having a discussion with the Scryers and the Horde, see a very profitable opportunity in joining the Horde.

Without further ado, the Alliance begins preparations to depart in the Vindicaar towards A’dal’s designated location. The Horde, however, does not have a vessel with which journey across the Twisting Nether and resorts to claim Tempest Keep through a mutiny against the Aldor inside the spaceship. This deals a strong blow to the Alliance, who cannot but see how the Tempest Keep warps away in front of their eyes.

While the Alliance has a safe and steady but disheartened voyage to K’aresh, the Horde has a dangerous and turbulent but triumphant space dive into the Twisting Nether with no directions or coordinates.

Set foot on an ancient shattered planet and unveil the secrets of K'aresh!

So what else does Nexus have?

  • Ethereals as a new playable neutral race
  • Tinkers as a new playable hybrid class: Siegecrafter (Tank), Medic (Healer), Specialist (Ranged DPS)
  • Iodari (Horde) and Rakzash (Alliance) as new unlockable allied races
  • A third new Demon Hunter specialization: Oblivion
  • K’aresh, a new world in the Twisting Nether with 8 new massive zones to explore
  • Cyphers, a revamped story driven artifact system
  • Infusions, a new corruption system coming in x.2
  • New PvE challenges: 16 new dungeons and 6 new raids over 3 tiers
  • Confront uber PvE bosses in The Holosphere raid and infinite challenges in the Endless Halls of Dal-Karos

Be my guest and join me as I continue writing up Nexus <3

I'm eager to know what you think! Feel free to ask any questions here or on MMO Champion!

Love you!

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