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Nightborne customization suggestions and more

wow9 - Nightborne customization suggestions and more

While I believe everyone is glad about their customization options, I would like to raise the Nightborne voices once again, the voice that has been ignored by Blizzard ever since the race has been introduced to us. Everyone can agree on the fact that the Nightborne is the hardest allied race to unlock, and yet the limited looking one.

What do I mean by that? Many players who have worked so hard to unlock the Nightborne allied race hoping to get looks like the NPC Nightborne have got disappointed.
However, the look is not the only thing that forces the players to race change, it is the fact that the race has very few customization options overall races of the Azeroth.

Below the link to the graph showing the looks, you can make with the provided customizations.

o2hytcxe3w761 - Nightborne customization suggestions and more

Meaning there are no differences between players who play a Nightborne.
I am sad seeing, a race which kept people entertained for over 2 patches in Legion, getting treated like this.

Moreover, I agree, I am not here to repeat the same words of saying to FIX the race and not providing any suggestions.

I am here to do so, to provide suggestions. As the Shadowland’s main feature is adding more customization options for the player characters I would like these suggestions to be taken into consideration, as many Nightorne players will agree on these.

1. Please give the option of having NPC eyes.

I know it is hard to make one on the playable models, but the recently added human customizations prove it can be done.
The overall model itself is identical to NPC models, but the eyes are one of the lacking things.
It can be fixed, I know it.

Below, fan-made editings:

the female one is done by Lunaera

The male one is edited by an Amazing artist Silverleaf

2. More hairstyles.

Please re-visit NPC Nightbornes, a couple of hairstyles that have not been used.
An example attached below.

Sadly, this iconic hairstyle of the Nightborne is missing.

fah299y24w761 - Nightborne customization suggestions and more

A fan-art of the new hairstyle done by me

why Nightborne cannot have a ponytail?

3. Arcane/Fellborne options

One of the key features of the race Nightbonre is their connection to the Arcane magic… However, the only representation of the arcane on player models is the arcane tattoos. (Which are barely visible)
Please reconsider adding arcane infused hands as well as the mana infused hair options.

Arcane infused Nightborne

The fell magic has not been used either. Let’s remember, only Nightborne warlocks are the Fellborne Nightbornes.
Let me remind, that minority of the Felborne are still living and worshiping their demons in the Broken Shore. As by the quests we have not been ordered to kill them or something else.

Fel'borne would be a great addition for those who play Warlock, class, especially.

What is needed?

  • Skin option with the green shades.
  • Fell infused hands.
  • Fell tattoos. (Basically, the same tattoos we have, but the green colouration)


It would be great if you could include them, as it is done to Mag’har and Highmountain Tauren, each skin/tattoo shows which tribe they belong to, but in case of the Nightborne there are no tribes, there are societies such as.

Nightborne. (Evolved through Nightwell)

The Fellborne, the Nightborne who sold their souls to the legion.

4. Bare feet options.

Please rework or add hide feet/boots options of the Nightborne, the Nightborne does not wear shoes, even the player model NPC you have filled within the Nightborne Nighthold hub do not wear shoes as well, they do wear shoes but with the bare feet just like trolls do.

Nightborne Starting zone NPCs

5. More skin options.

The Nightborne in-game at the moment have only 3 skin options. But however, the NPCs have more. In to be more clear, these 2 particular skins were not used on the playable Nightborne.

However, Nightborne no longer depend on the Nightwell, nor they live under the arcane shield which blocked them from getting sun and moonlight. Therefore, I believe the Nightborne are ready to get some variety of “natural-looking” skin options.

Perhaps skin tone as Azshara’s.

Credits to an amazing artist Kirill Stepanov.

6.Plate beard and different colouration of the earrings.

If you will look, almost any Nightborne male has a plate chin or so-called “Egyptian beard”. Please separate the chin option from the Heritage armour and add more variety of the chin plates as it serve as the beard option for the race.

Heritage armour plate chin.

NPC Plate chins/Egyptian beards.

As for now we have only silver versions of the jewellery, while most of the NPCs are having golden versions as well. Please add more colourations of the jewellery as well.

Alternative versions of the heritage armours:

When the race was added to the game files, back in 7.2.5 there was red colouration of the Heritage armours. Please reconsider adding them, as an option for the players.

still in-game files.

Also, non-dress options of the heritage armours were proposed, please take them into considerations.

credits to:

I understand, my voice alone will not help me reach the Blizzard, sometimes I feel sad and jealous of the High Elf community and how they fight for their rights, Nightborne of Azeroth Unite and everyone else who is not cold-hearted towards this beautiful race please speak up and supports this.

Our voices must be heard.

Glory to Shal’dorei!

Thank you.

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