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Numerical comparison of Kyrian/Night Fae/Venthyr Mission tables (Confirming what we all already know)

wow5 - Numerical comparison of Kyrian/Night Fae/Venthyr Mission tables (Confirming what we all already know)

I'm just someone who legitimately likes the mission table systems so I wanted to do an amateur numerical analysis of the companions that I have after getting 3 data points for each companion. My necrolord character is still leveling. Math isn't my strong suit so I didn't calculate the power of damage reductions for the tables, but they would be very strong as most of us have seen. Trappers/Draven who reduce damage by 20% could be said to increase the overall teams power by 25% in long fights and is included at the end to compare teams.

General observations: HP and auto attack damage show no fractional growth and almost always is proportional to base stats. Abilities can have fractional growth and are completely, utterly unbalanced.

Assumptions: Abilities that hit 4 targets hit an average of 2 (ranged, melee, cone), abilities that hit 2 targets hit an average of 1.5 (line, adjacent). This is the average from my Kyrians running the set level soul ash mission.

I count damage and healing together as total output. HP*average damage gives a good judge of power level, in reality since we always go first higher damage and longer cooldowns have a slight advantage, teams of all high dps/low hp might not be the best, at the same DPR single target damage is better to eliminate opponents, etc.

The tables count stat growth since base stats are proportional. Damage is listed as auto+ability 1 averaged for cooldown+ability 2 averaged for cooldown. HPxDPR=Power



NameHPTotal OutputPower Level

Kleia uses mace in hand average twice a turn (still works if Mikanikos reduces damage to 0, works vs. specials)

Sika adds ~25 damage instances over 3 turns. He adds damage to every target on AoE abilities but he goes after everyone else round 1 so by the time their abilities come back up they aren't hitting many targets

Halberdier troop should have 40 base damage but they have 20, their ability has a 32 higher base than expected not accounted for above for a net -.2 DPR at level 60.

Halberdiers and Pelods/Nemea are melee but their ability targets ranged making target elimination more difficult

Telethakas' ability to increase max hp doesn't seem to work and I already assumed his healing is 100% effective

Phalanx reduces 10% damage for 1 round to 3/5 slots every 3 rounds for a total damage reduction of 2% (not accounted for)

Mikanikos doesn't use his single target until turn 3 and his AoE until turn 4 making them less effective than they appear


Night fae

NameHPTotal OutputPower Level

Dreamweaver increases the entire teams damage by an average of 40%, not included, and seems to go last so she doesn't end up buffing most companions specials. On a team of Tezan, Chalkyth, Niya, Meatball, Dreamweaver on average would have a power of 315 (counting her -5% damage from her heal on Niya and 40% of everyone elses damage). The buff is insane.


Similarly, Niya buffs adjacents by 15% and with the same team would have a power of 174. (Niya and Dreamweaver's buffs stack additively)

Trappers do a very small Aoe damage which isn't accounted for but seems to be about a 10% damage buff. Post nerf on the companion app mine are still reducing damage by 20% for 6 out of 7 rounds for 17% party damage reduction.

Blisswing's ability just doesn't seem to work or do anything at all- for this I assumed her ability worked and reduced the listed damage once each round. If it reduced AoE abilities it could be much better

I didnt do Yirala, she sucks that bad. Same stats as trappers (30+3), bad ability damage and less DR (single target 8%?)



NameHPTotal OutputPower Level
Dug gravewell352+.9 (dmg)+2171.5

Draven and Dug I need to continue watching their damage growth, it is so small it could be off.

Draven reduces party damage by 20% and Theotar causes ranged to take 33% more damage (2/5 turns?) not accounted for above.

Kaletar heals everyone 4 times over 5 rounds

Rahel can hit the same target twice if it is the last target



NameHPTotal OutputPower Level

Meatball taking extra damage isn't accounted for (at 1/lvl extra damage at 1 hit a round he has a power of 252)


Commentary: Venthyr and Kyrian are seen as being underpowered, and I just wanted to have a frame of reference for how much worse they are.
Some comparisons: Telethakas heals 1/lvl every 4 rounds, Grovetenders have better HP (12 vs 20) and heal 5/lvl every 3. Telethakas could have no cooldown and still be garbage.

Teliah compares favorably to other single target damage companions (Simone/Shalor who are identical) but compared to a "strong" companion like Tezan her heal could be increased 7 times to compare to tezan hitting two targets.

Venthyr nightblades are just terrible

In addition to having much better abilities, Night Fae also have generally higher core stats


Numerically most powerful teams: Kyrian: 1102.5 (Kleia, Pelagos, Meatball, Croman, Sika)

Kyrian w/ Mikanikos over 8 rounds @ Mikanikos net DR 25%: 1390 (Kleia, Pelagos, Meatball, Croman, Mikanikos)

Night fae: 1218.5 (Tezan, Chalkyth, Niya, Meatball, Dreamweaver)

Venthyr: 1155 (counting Draven's 20% DR) (Draven, Meatball, Nadjia, Stonehuck, Dug)

Night Fae w/ current trappers (17% DR net, not counting trapper AoE): 1530 (Dreamweaver, 4x trapper)

Night Fae w/ trappers at net 10% DR each: 1105 (w/Dreamweaver)



Companions are not at all balanced against each other within covenants or against their analogues in other covenants.

The companions who look like trash are trash.

Even if trappers reduce damage every other round they are still as tanky as Kyrian tank troops, do 50%+ more damage, and reduce damage by 5 times as much, and are stronger than Kyrian's strongest team without Mikanikos.

The addition of Mikanikos shows the importance of one missing/overpowered piece. Post Mikanikos the Venthyr seem weakest.

Venthyr and Kyrian troops need mega buffs

Everyone, even night fae, have some seriously bad companions

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