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N’zoth SHOULDN’T be the final boss

wow5 - N’zoth SHOULDN’T be the final boss

After seeing the final cinematic for the new raid, I have to say I’m a bit worried. I know there’s been talk going around about how we should know who the final boss of the expansion is by now, and if that’s the case then N’zoth seems like the obvious choice they’re pointing to. HOWEVER I hope and pray that blizzard does not choose to do this as it would be a huge waste of a HUGE (both physically and developed) character.

  1. HIS PAST: As a massive N’zoth fan myself, I have done my research time and time again to try and piece together everything this game has to offer about his character. If you weren’t already aware, he has been manipulating and been present through multiple huge WoW moments. He was completely responsible for the emerald nightmare, which has been a thing since early Warcraft. He was completely responsible for the corruption and mission given to Deathwing, AKA ALL OF CATA. He was responsible for the creation and use of the Naga as well as Azshara (if you didn’t already know that.) who also has been responsible for countless events making N’zoth responsible by extension. He is even speculated to have been responsible for the Legions return in WoD and Legion!! If you want more information on that I encourage you to check out Bellulars video:

  2. HE IS A THREAT: Sure we’ve “defeated” Yogg and Cthun.. But those were only extremely small pieces! If those “pieces” can be considered a final boss of a huge raid (like ahn'qiraj and ulduar were) then surely N’zoth in his full form can’t be. EVEN THE TITANS HAD TROUBLE DEALING WITH THEM! If they could only imprison these God’s then we shouldn’t be able to kill them with 40 measly people.

  3. YOGG SARON AND CTHUN ARE STILL ALIVE: that’s right people, they are. Still imprisoned in their respective prisons. If you don’t remember, in Legion and early BfA we ran into both of them again! Maybe not C’thun exactly, but definitely Yogg. In Legion we get a quest with Magni to explore Ulduar because of some disturbances again. Turns out YOGG SARON IS STILL ACTIVE IN THERE! Confirmed by Magni himself. Also if you’ve been living under a rock, you might’ve missed the giant sword going into silithus exposing the powerful azerite just waiting for SOMEONE to soak it up. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!


3 part 2. ALL EYES SHALL BE OPENED: If N’zoth is as smart as I know he is then he will immodestly restore the big 3, AKA Yogg Cthun and Himself back to power. Before they were imprisoned, and after Y’shaarj was killed, they teamed up against the Titans. Now that the titans are gone and there are not more threats it’s time for N’zoth to do what he does best and FREE THEM each of them taking over their respective territories. This could lead to a world revamp, a level squish, and more if blizzard just played their cards right. It could also lead to the awakening of Azeroth herself at the end as well.

  1. NY’ALOTHA: It’s not a little patch city that we do world quests through, it’s a piece of the black empire kept alive by burying it under the ocean! Ny’alotha should be raised and it should be an expansion zone not a patch one, as should the dragons isles but that’s a separate topic. SUCH WASTED HISTORY AND POTENTIAL if they make it another Argus.

  2. ANOTHER FINAL BOSS: A simple solution to a more complex then it needs to be problem. Just make another final boss! Whether it’s Nathanos, Azshara round 2, Sylvanas, Anduin, I don’t care anything but N’zoth. Honestly just finish the Horde vs Alliance thing this expansion and go full Old Gods next expansion, opening with Azshara round 2 as the first raid. That would make much more sense.

TL;DR: Don’t make N’zoth the final boss. Bring back the other 2 old gods and save them for an Old God expansion in 9.0.

Let me know what other final boss you think would fit the bill, or other ideas you have. Thanks for reading! (Praise the god of the Deep 👁 )

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