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Ogres, arguably the most devolved life-form

wow8 - Ogres, arguably the most devolved life-form

We all know how stupid Ogres are, and for my explanation I'll be using the term "devolved" mostly referring to intellect.

Ogre lineage can actually be traced back to the massive Giant, taller than a mountain called Grond. Grond was native to Draenor and was created by the Titan Aggramar when he saw the threat of the Evergrowth. The following story is very long and I recommend reading all of it but I'll mostly be summarizing. Grond kills an unnamed Sporemound which are basically the brains of the Evergrowth and the other 3 start attacking him. He makes the weakest Sporemound fall easily, the second is significantly harder to defeat and the third finally kills Grond.

The Death of Grond.

This wasn't the end of Grond though, because from his body sprang the life-forms known to us as the Colossals, who eventually killed the third Sporemound suicidally by exploding themselves on top of it. The Colossals had large fragments being torn off of them in their fights against the Evergrowth and these fragments came to be known as the Magnaron

Drov The Ruiner, One of the most powerful Magnaron on Draenor.

The Magnaron didn't exactly share the Colossals hatred toward the Evergrowth and pretty much did their own thing and even devolved into the Gronn, Ogron, Ogres and Orcs. Magnaron and Ogron eventually became extinct in the Main Universe. Ogres eventually formed the Gorian Empire and were actually considered an intelligent species for a while until the pressure of the Orc clans (mostly Warsong) and other races got to be too much for them and they only had outposts in the zones of Frostfire Ridge, Nagrand and finally Talador in the later days of the Gorian Empire. The Ogres actually had a separate unnamed continent to the southwest of the continent of Draenor (Draenor is used as the name of the continent and the planet)

Red arrow is where the Ogre continent is


Towards the later days of the Gorian Empire and the early days of the Horde the Ogres were at their weakest when they were offered to join the Horde, some declined and some gladly joined but the most infamous Ogre to join the Horde was Cho'gall, Chieftain of the Twilights Hammer. Cho'gall joined the Horde under Gul'dan as an apprentice but later betrayed the Horde to learn the secrets of the Void and later sided with Deathwing and the Old gods but was killed in the Cataclysm expansion. The Ogres who sided with the Horde were led to Azeroth while the ones who stayed behind were either killed in the explosion that formed Draenor into Outland or kept trying to survive on their own in a strange world somewhat similar to Draenor that they now called Outland. The Ogres were a big asset to the Horde because of the powerful brute force and even some of the magic they used.

Some Ogres decided to leave the Horde and form new clans in some places of the world but it seems that they started to slowly lose their past intellect, their language got sloppy and their best trait was to survive, they barely even had tactics in their fights now and adventurers defeated Ogres at every turn whether it was on Outland or Azeroth. Some Ogres actually have good understanding of language and tactics but there are very few of those. What happened to them? Why did their intellect become so terrible that they could barely even survive? An example of this is the Ogre named Mok'Morokk in the Dustwallow Marsh. He gives you a few quests and tells you that Rexxar made him chieftain of his clan but now that he doesn't need to fight as much he seems to be much more of a coward than the warrior Rexxar saw him as. He gives you some quests about finding some things in the village he lost because he was too scared to get them back himself and when the Black Dragons attacked his village he just moved north into the marsh instead of fighting them head on and you even battle him once but he runs away to never return once he sees he's almost lost the battle.

The Ogres are arguably the most devolved species in the Warcraft universe that we know of.

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