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One of the biggest problems with this game’s immersion is that Azeroth never actually feels like it’s in any danger

wow3 - One of the biggest problems with this game's immersion is that Azeroth never actually feels like it's in any danger

Not since Deathwing blew up part of Stormwind and Garrosh took over Orgrimmar has anything actually happened to the world we're always being told is in such dire need of saving. Sure there's a giant sword in Silithus now, but was there anything actually there to begin with? You can undo the whole thing anyway just by talking to a dragon.

Sometimes you'd fly to Highmountain and there would be some demons there, but then you'd kill like six infernals and everything would be fine again. The Krokul were supposed to be the rugged survivors of an apocalyptic wasteland, but they certainly didn't seem to be in any trouble when we were handing in our Work Orders. This being an MMO, there's always going to be a certain element of Orcus on His Throne at play here, but I'd feel a lot more invested in these conflicts if the stakes were a little higher.


Like why doesn't Azshara just invade Stormwind and Ironforge thru the Deeprun Tram? Turn the whole thing into a raid that's accessible straight from the capital city, team up with the Brawler's Guild to take them down, and turn the Dwarven district into a Naga-infested war-zone.

Tomorrow's patch is going to introduce "The Battle for Dazar'alor", but you can bet that no matter how nasty things get in the raid itself, as soon as you leave the instance you're still gonna be able to hearth right back there and find all the NPC's in the exact same spot. I obviously don't condone the destruction of entire faction hub, but it'd be nice to see something.

TL;DR: If you want these storylines to carry their weight, we need to see some of the fallout from "some of the most epic experiences World of Warcraft has to offer" in the overworld itself besides just having Darnassus and the Undercity unceremoniously removed from the game at patch launch and making us talk to Zidormi before we can grind Classic rep.

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