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Our goals IN WoW are different from Blizzards goals WITH WoW.

wow7 - Our goals IN WoW are different from Blizzards goals WITH WoW.

Trying to keep this short but a comment on the preach’s video thread regarding player base made me realize something. There is a fundamental difference between what dedicated players want as they adventure in World of Warcraft and what blizzard seeks to do with each World of Warcraft expansion and they will likely never align or at least never be part of blizzards greatest concerns.

I know not every player is the same. This is actually a fundamental part of the discussion. Without getting to specific so people don’t fight over details, I think it is fair to say dedicated wow players want engaging content, freedom of choice, balance and rewarding progression as they take their characters through the WoW. I also believe blizzard would love for all of these qualities to be met. The problem is there is a vast amount of casual players (nothing wrong with being a casual player at all by the way) that each expansion sub for a couple months because of the hyped up shiny new content and systems that at first glance seem very cool and intriguing. There is also nothing wrong with that as a player. These players seem to be the players they target. They want as many people each expansion reveal who’s thought process is “that seems cool or badass. I’ll definitely resub”. The players who immediately start worrying about how the new systems will affect which class, spec, race, faction they play seem to be a minority. This causes concern for balance, how systems affect freedom of choice etc. to be put on the back burner.


I think it’s fairly obvious when blizzard released legion, they hit the goldmine in how to easily target these casual players while appeasing or retaining dedicated ones and simultaneously fix having to worry about progressing through expansions and power creep. They come up with cool sounding (regardless of actual implementation) new systems and content each expansion that can be easily voided and replaced with more super totally awesome newer content and systems the next expansion. This brings in the big new expansion numbers while making it much easier to rinse and repeat over and over. Then after everyone resubs they figure out the little things like ya know..balance and how these systems might affect actual gameplay. Blizzard gets to see a influx of new subs while dedicated players are appeased with “we’ve decided to fix issues we created and you all knew about” patches over the course of the early expansion then announce another expansion which restarts the hype train system over again.

Legion- legendaries, artifact weapons and power, class halls etc

Bfa- azerite power, gear and traits, corruption etc

Shadowlands- even more SYSTEMS that won’t matter next expansion

I see so many genuine comments and posts about possible issues with incoming content and systems and I feel bad for those who take their time to bash their head against the wall over and over as they repeat the same thing in hopes it will be addressed.

It’s not that blizzard can’t understand or does not care about dedicated players concerns. They just care more about bringing as many players (subs) as possible each expansion with cool sounding systems they can efficiently replace next time. After this is done, then they worry about the details.

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