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Player since 2005, Account Banned for false positive, and positively terrified.

wow5 - Player since 2005, Account Banned for false positive, and positively terrified.

I first played WoW in late 2005, stopped shortly after BC was released in 2007 as I needed to focus more on my life. Came back in January of 2019 and have been playing consistently since. In a nice guild, we even got CE in the last tier. Was looking forward to raiding in Castle Nathria as a priest healer again.

I got banned for "cheating", which I did not do. I got the exact same boilerplate as this person. My top guess is I got swept up in a mass ban related to farming herbs and mining, which I have level locked a 50 tank druid with ilvl ~110 for the purposes of, but here are all the facts.

Last night, I did three torg's at layer 6…two on my fledgeling blood DK and one on my Priest. Had a really bad seed and decided to wait until today to do the other 6 (rip 50 soul ash), instead doing something relatively mindless: Farm herbs mainly and ores (just because they're there) until I was too tired to sit up.

As usual, I was listening to stuff in the background because farming is super boring, but I needed supplies for tonight's (Monday) raid. If an actual human followed my path, they would have noticed my erratic pattern, because I don't know where nodes are nor do I have an add-on that tells me where they are. I use Wild Charge a lot because it reminds me of my main's Rocket Jump. I came across a bunch of possible multi-boxers who kinda looked the same and were all in shredders, but aside from farming one mining vein that they all were on, I didn't follow them because I didn't want to be associated with them. I took a break in a cave because I don't have an Eric Cartman setup. 😛

After reaching my goal of 200 herbs in Ardenweald, I went on to Revendreth. It sucked, all I could find were mining veins and not-Widowbloom herbs for a good 10-15 minutes. I found a cluster of Widowbloom and then struggled to find more. I even died by using one of the jumpy mushrooms and then using Wild Charge to see if I could fly super fast…you can't, and I fell to my death. I think at 45 herbs, I got fed up, bought the rest to 200 on the AH, sent them to my main, and logged out to sleep.

You can probably guess that no bots were involved. About 3 hours of farming with many breaks (including limbs) and about as inefficient as one can get. Heck I even used bear form's AOE disorient to grab mining nodes before using the AOE speed ability and a shift to travel form to get away quickly. What bot does that?


That's the last of what I remember before waking up to a presumably automated ban. Some other facts about this case:

  • I don't use a VPN.
  • I haven't entered my password in any form in several months. If it got swept up by a keylogger, they waited a long time to act.
  • My guildmates told me when my characters last logged in, and they all match up with my own activity. My mules aren't in the guild, but they have nothing of value.

Also, alternative theories of what might have triggered the ban:

  • This was months ago so unlikely, but I've had many run-ins with groups of balance druids farming a specific spot. The far west Vol'dun Azerite WQ spot was a frequent one. I piggybacked on them a number of times to quickly finish the WQ, and once to get a recipe that drops from any Zuld/KT mobs.
  • In the Kyrian questline where you inhabit a farmer with a shovel and a shotgun, I decided to explore and since the programmers didn't actually put in boundaries at the lake (at least not outside of vehicle), I explored until I 319'd and had to let the instance close on its own before logging back in. Also, the magistrate doesn't like being shot by Horde players. It's kind of a broken questline, but I could see it raising automated flags.

This…sucks. I don't know how else to summarize it but it sucks. Reading up on all the horror stories about an automated Warden banning people and telling them that appeals are futile. I invested a lot of time into my character, and I have all this free time because, frankly, I'm in a fragile place in the real world. The aftershocks of the pandemic shattered my real life and WoW is one of my few escapes. I would not do anything to jeopardize it…my guildies can attest to that when there are permanent stakes, I don't take risks. Using wild charge while 150 yards in the air, oh well, I'll run back to my corpse. I wouldn't use cheat programs just as I waited until the last moment to use horrific vessels back in 8.3 because I was afraid of permanently falling behind.

I sent a support ticket but I don't even know if I'll get a fair shake. I'm just…scared.

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