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Please Please Please Allow More Things To Be Character Shared Per Account!!!

wow1 - Please Please Please Allow More Things To Be Character Shared Per Account!!!

Dear Blizzard,

I love this game and I have been playing on and off since Burning Crusade. This game is by far one of the best games every made. BUT what is has ALWAYS lacked in is being Alt friendly.

I have played the same warlock since I first started. With that being said I have NEVER had the opportunity to play another character. With trying to get gear, achievements, transmog sets, and miscellaneous stuff done I never have the time to make a new character and enjoy it. When making a new character it feels like starting over on a entire new account. I HATE that feeling. Please Please allow my newly made characters to share everything with my over all account. For instance like Achievements, Transmog Sets/Gear, & Reputation.

  1. Achievements: I am what some call an Achievement Whore and love it! Some Achievements are shared but not all? Why? Me reaching level 10 was completed back in the stone age so why would I even care about that on a new character? When making a new character just show me it was completed a long time ago and allow me to move on with my life. It doesn't give me extra points anyway so it just makes me feel I am wasting my time starting on a new character.
  2. Transmog Sets/Gear: Allow me to unlock gear collections for other characters to wear even though I myself cannot wear them. I love Gear! A game with a good loot system always makes a game worth more than gold to me. And WoW has one of the best hands down. I can make my guy look like any wearable peace of gear I find is AWESOME and for me being a collector feeds my need and is even more rewarding!!! But I cannot unlock other peaces I can't wear for other characters? WTF? Why Not? I did the hard work, the countless hours of grinding to get my set peaces, and now you are going to force me to spend the same amount of time, if not more, grinding out for the same peaces I already got on my lock on another character just to transmog them? Complete waste of time! Achievements are shared through dungeons and raids! Mounts are shared through dungeons and raids! So why not gear? Allow me to unlock weapons and transmog sets through one character! I can't stand how in order to collect pieces for every character you have to run the same raid countless times on multiple characters and wait for the RNG to drop that special piece only that character can wear.
  3. Reputation: I have spent countless hours gaining reputation for old BC content back in the day. When I start a new character and see everything is set to zero it is SO disheartening! I feel like all that time is wasted if I spend playing an Alt. I don't care if you increase the reputation to allow this. I just don't want to start over when creating a new character.

I want to play new characters more! But I find it VERY difficult to play on a new character when it feels like I am wasting my time and when I do not have the ability to unlock something my main could use. Please allow us the ability to not start over when playing on a new character. I promise I would never stop playing again because I will no longer get board nor feel like I am wasting me time.

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