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Please remove/rework Hunter’s Mark in Shadowlands

wow7 - Please remove/rework Hunter's Mark in Shadowlands

English is not my first language so sorry if its hard to follow.

As the title says i really hope Blizzard either remove or rework Hunter's Mark in Shadowlands. Hunter's Mark has been part of the hunter kit for a long time, it has existed since vanilla until it was removed in WoD, but the problem is that it never has been a fun spell to use, it had its moment in pvp where you could track the target but in pve its was just a small chore that you had to apply to the target you where attacking to increase your dmg, that's why they made it auto apply on your attacks during MoP.

Hunter's Mark returned for hunters in the marksman tree in BfA, it now provided a flat 5% dmg bonus to the target and it gave you 20 focus when the target died. This was not a very fun spell to use, the focus return was nice but it mostly felt like a chore to reapply it when you switched target and it took longer before you could start to attack the target since it was on the GCD. On the bright side it was only a talent so you could at least skip using it if you wanted to.

In Shadowlands Hunter's Mark have now been made baseline for all the hunter specializations so avoiding it is no longer an option, Blizzard also removed the focus return when you kill a target but gave it a shorter GCD. The problem is that its still not a fun spell to use, all it does is remove some of the baseline dmg from the hunter and forces you to use a GCD to apply the mark on the target you are attacking to get that dmg back. Even with a reduced GCD it still doesn't feel fun to have to apply a mark to the target when target switching before you start to attack, and now that its baseline you want to use it constantly even in m+ where you want to apply it over and over on every pack.


I love my hunter, I've had it since vanilla and its been my main most of the time I've played this game but i don't see a reason why Hunter's Mark should return it makes me doubt if i want to play a hunter in Shadowlands, it was an unfun spell in Shadowlands, it was a chore before it was removed in WoD and it doesn't even add anything in DnD where i think they got their idea from.

I hope they either remove it or rework it, removing the GCD wont help since that means you will just macro it to all your spells which means you might aswell go back to MoP version of Hunter's Mark. Make a dps CD or remove the dmg component and make it a niche spell that you can apply to the target to help you track them, it could be really cool in pvp and warmode to just help you track down a target you have applied it to earlier.

Maybe some of you hunter are excited for if so i wouldn't mind hearing what makes you like it.

Edit: You could make it so you see the footsteps in the world or on the minimap of the person you put the mark on so in world pvp you could huntdown someone that ganked you earlier or find where the flagcarry is hiding.

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