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Positivity thread – things you like about BFA

wow1 - Positivity thread - things you like about BFA

Every time I open this subreddit, all I see is a negativity. People complain about recent changes or complain about not enough changes, this is garbage that is garbage.. I had enough. When all you see is negativity and people talking how trash this expansion is, it slowly creeps up on you even though you enjoyed it. So before all of us turn into mindless husks complaining about colour of sun lets think about what we enjoy in BFA.

  1. Graphics

For me personally I love Boralus Harbour. Its so convenient with its linearity and how compact everything is but also feels huge when you walk on walls. Aesthetically its a breath of fresh air. Not everything needs to be big, colorful that you have to walk two minutes to get to some vendor or with elven theme. Also Kul Tiras zones are more interesting than Broken Isles were (except for Suramar).

Nazjatar is just gorgeous!! Its a feast for the eyes. (shame flying is locked behind no life requirements)

I think graphically Bfa is awesome.

  1. Dungeons – I love doing Motherlode, Workshop, Underrot, Atal dazar, Kings rest. When I was lvling my alt, I qued for Legion dungs and I felt such weird distaste for them. I really couldnt do them more than twice. Cant explain why, cause I didnt really grind them too much. Meanwhile I love doing dungs in Bfa.

  1. I like Essences and Azerite. It brings interesting dynamics into gearing. (essences account-wide pls) I dont feel like its too much rng, you are almost guaranteed to get good traits for either your main or your off spec so its not like you have to scrap it everytime you dont get your one favorite trait. And you can also always reroll.

Rant about legion

>! For instance I didnt like artifacts in legion, I dont like idea of endless grind in MMO. Casual players like myself can never really catch up and with how throat cutting raiding and m+ currently is where they demand curve for normal nzoth or reject you based on your spec for +7 dung. Also not everybody needs to have same weapon and it took too long to get some artifact abilities that for some classes were crucial and were barely unplayable without them. !<

  1. PVP

I like that our gear matters. Whole point of wow is gearing so why would you take that out in pvp? In legion everyone was almost same So there was basically no point to gear up except to get some trinks. Pvp was much more reliant on good class balance which blizzard isnt really known for. When your gear matters it means that gap between classes can shrink, or in some cases can even grow but at least it gives incentive to gear up. It was weird decision in Legion and Im glad we moved on.

So these are some of the things I enjoy about Bfa. Please share your opinions.

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