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Predict the next unnecessary random change in WoW

wow3 - Predict the next unnecessary random change in WoW

As we know the portals are going to be changed and this expansion has been nothing but Retail Servers being used as a Sandbox MMO for the smash hit game "World of Warcraft DEV Tycoon" by the "players" at Blizz HQ.

They have brought in wonderful changes to screw over the playerbase because "We hear ya friends but we think it's fine". Predict the next completely unnecessary change which they would do.

Perhaps Old content would have raids mandatory before you access the next expansion because "Developers feel bad that you skip over their hard work and content"? Or maybe they introduce a brand new shiny Stamina meter which has to be refilled every few minutes to introduce REALISM and EXPLORATION or your character falls asleep with a debuff of "Tired" for 2 minutes at the minimum?

Whatever it is, the real developers of the game: The shareholders are looking with bated breath as to what monstrosity can be invented to extend "Player Engagement".

What would you do if you were the DEVs and felt bored enough to make change for the sake of change?

EDIT: Here are your new patch notes for the game:

  • Orange Tabby is renamed "Goose" to eliminate confusion (by avatarofshadow)
  • Water Strider now works only in Pandaria for Lore Reasons you probably don't want to know (by baycityvince)
  • We felt tanks were boring to play so we nerfed them so that you panic instead by watching your HP bounce between critical and full health (by SpecialOfficerDoofy)
  • We feel flight paths are boring so your flight mount will recreate the Deathwing barrel roll at random points and players must react, or fall to their deaths to ensure that less people afk out on flights, and appreciate all the land that they are flying over! (by urizom)
  • After tirelessly listening to feedback on how the Open World is not dangerous, we have removed out of combat health regeneration. Fear not. Spending 8 hours at an inn will get you back on the sunny fields in Azeroth. (by CardinalM1)
  • Crafting times increased to reflect Realism in how many things you can do before your character gets bored. Attempting to bypass will daze the said character for 5 minutes till you drink at a inn. (by Montegomerylol)
  • Cooking fires removed from the game. New skill added: Mentored Cooking. Being near a Cooking Teacher in a Major City now enables you to gain a buff "I'm on fiyaaah!" which is used to create the Basic Campfire. We thought this would promote comradery between cooks (by Aposematism_)
  • Armor Rating now converted to Movement Speed Rating. Your movement speed is affected by how many armor pieces you wear. Your movement speed can be reduced to a maximum of 1% and a minimum of 70%. Cloth Armor users will have a combined Durability of 2 for all their pieces. Naked Players will gain a boost to their movement speed and also be entered in the monthly Transmog competition. (by sleepysnipersloth)

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