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Problem/Toxic Player bringing down the raid

wow10 - Problem/Toxic Player bringing down the raid

Hey Guys! Having an issue with my guild and would like some opinions from you guys. I am the guild leader of a small heroic guild (12-15ish people). We are currently 4/9 Heroic and 1/9 Mythic.

This morning one of my raiders, specifically one of our tanks asked to speak in private, for reference we will call them Steve. Steve shared a list of grievances they have with their fellow tank (we will call him Bob) which include:

Halfway through the raid each night Bob goes quiet. He games in his bedroom and doesn't want to wake his wife. Any communication after this halfway point between the tanks is done via whisper or raid chat and Bob will only talk if its an emergency.

Bob constantly, apparently since the start of BoD, whispers Steve, calling other raiders…the slur for mentally handicap people (thanks auto-moderator), saying that we wont make it more than 30 seconds on a boss, and apparently even calling Steve a…mentally handicap person. Steve has admitted that this is bringing him down and that he raids to hang out with the people in the guild. While in general we mess with each other pretty hardcore, this seems unproductive.

Bob enjoys drinking during raids and at times a little too much. He is loud and disruptive, yelling into the mic and when people ask what he is trying to say or whats going on, they usually get ignored.

Bob has shared with Steve that he finds my raid leading style to be ineffective and has stated that he will not follow my directions. We are usually pretty open to adjusting and changing strats and I rarely shoot down any idea, willing to try it at least once. Not sure what I did but its there. I conferred with officer and he was unsure the reason.


Bob pulls early. Ready check still going on and people are hitting ready? He hits the dbm pull timer. I've asked multiple times for him to stop. He hasn't.

Bob comes across as very abrasive. He is short with people and dry most of the time and most are unsure of how to take him.

So my struggle is this – Obviously we aren't the most progressed guild out there. We've had issues with recruiting, quality players and general failures. The toxic attitude from Bob isn't what I need or want in my raid or guild. I've spoken with him privately on a couple of occasions and he admitted that he sees the point on being abrasive, that he just has "a weird sense of humor" and doesn't mean anything by it and that if he had any issues he would say something. My gut says to get rid of the guy, that he isn't what we NEED in the guild, that he is bringing at least one other person down and hindering the raid and that his antics and behavior aren't helping. However he wants to progress, he has made that very clear (and raids with a Mythic guild on his off nights). He wants what I want, to kill bosses, he is a well geared tank and knows the fights.

TLDR Tank wont talk, talks shit about his fellow guild members, ignores raid leader. Gut says he has to go but guild already has recruitment/progression issues. What do?

So thoughts from you guys?

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