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PvP has been a game changer for me.

wow10 - PvP has been a game changer for me.

I have primarily been PvE and never stepped foot into the rated arenas. This week set out a goal to at the very least reach 1400..

PvP has always intimidated me. I dabbled once in legion and my experience propelled my intimidation.

With my 1400 goal in mind I applied for yolo groups and got in pretty quickly as a 370 Havoc DH. Our comp was Disc priest, and Outlaw Rogue. Two words were said prior to match as my heart was pounding out of my chest. Healer said “Priest” rogue replied “k.” The other comp was disc priest, Assassin Rogue and I think a fury warrior.

Match opens I charged directly toward the priest and just start laying it down on him and everything happened so fast I don’t even remember much I was just stunning interrupting dumping my little fury balls out and the match was over in like a minute.


I felt like a little kid who just got off the scariest rollercoaster who was like wow that was a blast.. And ran straight back to the line of the rollercoaster it was exhilarating! We instantly que’d and kept winning within less than 2hrs I was at 1000 and we all had to log off.. Yesterday was hard to find a group because I am still new and people wanted some better no big deal couldn’t play much. This morning I jumped right into another great group and I reached 1400 and it has been a blast..

I still have no real idea what I’m doing. I will do research and try to better myself.

I recommend giving it a try if you have never set foot into a match it’s a lot of fun and you can really learn a lot about your class!

Sorry for making this so long I am just excited about the whole thing

That is all, Hope you all have a wonderful holidays!

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