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pvp loot from bgs and arena nerfed

wow4 - pvp loot from bgs and arena nerfed

So 8.1 brought some changes to the loot dropping from battlegrounds and arena.

Although the patch notes only state "Strongboxes rewarded for unrated PvP have been improved. They now contain Marks of Honor, gold, PvP consumables, and profession materials. Strongboxes granted on victories contain greater amounts of these rewards.", it affects rated pvp too and not only the strongboxes, but the loot from pvp in general.

The changes initially looked like a buff to me, but they are actually a huge nerf. Compared to 8.0, you get less gold, mats and gear in my experience and the experience of some dedicated PvPers from r/worldofpvp – at least in arena (I will link posts from that sub on the bottom of this post for everyone interested). Even though I welcome the change that my inventory is not getting completely spammed by boxes, I'm wondering if this nerf was intentional.


I know that this post will probably not gain much traction on this sub. However I personally feel that this is not a healthy change for wow-pvp and will sooner or later drive more people out of the game. So I figured that it deserves some attention on this sub too!

Some promised posts: 1, 2, 3, 4

EDIT: Added another post; also some highlighting and wording edits to make my reference to the unstated rated loot nerf clearer (especially arena)

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