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Questions regarding guardian druid and other stuff I should know at M 10+ and higher

wow8 - Questions regarding guardian druid and other stuff I should know at M 10+ and higher

Despite watching some youtube vids on pulls and stuff, I still have questions regarding a lot of things that I feel I'm not doing right as tank. Youtube high key runs are usually done more orchestrated than you would in pugs which is all I do so I'm missing out on the options between heroic faceroll and what is expected of me at M 10+ and higher.

1) What exactly breaks shroud? I rarely have rogues in my parties, specially ones who use shroud at all without someone prompting it. So I've worried about using even stampeding roar (increases speed for allies) during it, which I assume is something that boosts shroud's effectiveness by a lot. Should I cast it before we're close to enemies or does it even matter?

2) two ToS questions: Galvazzt stacks. Am I supposed to take stacks as tank? I saw on some +20 or higher video where they avoided tank taking any stacks, but I assume on pugs before quite that high it's ok to take +9 but never +18? At around what key should I stop tanking them at all? Is it better for me to eat untanked charge if I spot one beyond the level that I should, or just always ignore them totally beyond the level you find acceptable for tanks?

3) ToS orb event. What'd be the optimal way for me to think it in pugs? This event seems to always take minutes in my parties and it's probably partially due to me not knowing how to do a big pull, or alternatively not using my travelform. I assume tank can't be relied to be the orb carrier, but should I try to do a big pull and pull all the mobs away from party and have someone else ninja the orb and travel with it unnoticed? Is there any way I can "carry" the event without organizing something beforehand? I'm OK doing one orb at a time, but I'd like to cut that 3mins each time hunting for singular orb handlers stealing them. Also, is there specific role/classes who should deal travelling with orbs? I don't really know the mechanism even as I feel my role has been to fight the units and let others carry, but being druid I'm not sure of even that.

4) Lord Stormsong 3rd boss at SotS. Are you supposed to kill the first MC'd player? Every party I've been in at tells player to soak orbs, but I assume there's not enough orbs up at the first time so they become permanently hostile and then it's a struggle if we should late kill them or nuke boss. This is probably not acceptable way to do it at a bit higher keys. I don't even know how many orbs needs to get soaked as I've never been MC'd so I can't even tell looking at the battlefield to know if it's even a possible task.

5) Freehold events. I thought I knew the dungeon somewhat, but as a new player there's only few weeks I've seen the dungeon so oh was I wrong when after first boss party says "druid do the dog". WHAT THE F! I didn't know about existence of the dog. Now I know how to do the dog, but to avoid future issues, is there some explanation on all the different freehold events? I understood they make the captain fight 3->2 bosses, and last week I guess that happened by talking to a monkey (?), but I'm clueless in both knowing which event it'll be this week, and what to do about each. This seemed like easily googlable thing but I failed at that too. As if everyone just born with knowledge on how to do each event. I was even told that the monkey part can be different even during same weeks. And I didn't even know what we gained from getting drunk by him! So many questions.


6) Regarding enchanted emissaries, my bright idea was that I'm going to moonfire pull by focusing her, doing few swipe/thrash to keep aggro. This has worked somewhat, but I'm clueless if this is expected/standard thing to do, am I stepping on toes of rdps who should be doing this or what? Should I keep doing it this way as I feel like I'm simultaneously holding aoe aggro and dealing with emissary but sometimes it seems like people aren't adapting to this and there's 3 of us hitting her off so I wonder if this is not something I should be doing at higher keys.

7) Tol Dagor 3rd boss as tank. How much of the barrel moving duties fall on me? I assume I shouldn't be the one running after them mainly, and I don't have experience doing it either. I imagine optimally someone else, or even many of the other 4 are doing it, but how much of it falls on me? I assume tank should sometimes drag them in melee range to other side of the boss when she starts casting the aoe but again that seems like something dps could do too. This is probably just about high optimizing when saying tank should do it, but I saw that being mentioned on some high key commentary that their tank+1 dps were doing it. I'd just like to know if it's my assumed role, and if it is, are there any hints about it? Just small movements, not moving one barrel from side to side of the room probably?

8) SotS 2nd boss. Someone in a party suggested I should tank the boss(es) at some ledge to the right? That sounded odd, but I have no idea if that's viable and does it somehow make the boss move back n forth. It was really just a small step up, nothing where you'd jump over water or anything. I just didn't get to try it and got curious if that was some viable strategy or a way to ease up the fight at all or just a random idea. He made it sound like that was viable proven technique but I didn't see it on few tutorial/high m+ videos.

Well it became so long again, thanks for reading and all the answers! Anytime I'm "new" to a game I have so many questions and believe me I've found answers to 90% of them by googling but some specifics still fail me. I'm surprised I've never seen this type question threads from anyone else, but it can't really be about everyone else just getting these without asking. People fuck up a lot on every run from not knowing strategies, so 9) does it really come down to average person not being curious enough?

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