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Quick answers to questions I had about the next patch, that you may not care for, but hey I’m not forcing you to click this

wow9 - Quick answers to questions I had about the next patch, that you may not care for, but hey I'm not forcing you to click this

How exactly does the level scaling happen? Is it linear?

It's not quite linear. There appears to be some banding of the levels that get scaled, something like this:

Old levelNew level

Basically every level you gained will be devided by 2, except for 20-80 which will be divided by 3.


What's happening with item level scaling?

For BfA Season 4 it's one-to-one. Just take whatever the number was and subtract 345 to get your new number:

Old iLevelNew iLevel

For previous seasons, the former 15 item level jump between tiers has been halved, until we get down to iLevel 60 when it stops:

Old iLevelNew iLevel

Gear from seasons in Legion is now between 50-53. Anything below Legion is appears to be slightly inconsistent at the moment.


So far I've spotted just one exception to this that seems to be intentional. The Heart of Azeorth's iLevel appears to have an extra 25 subtracted from it.

I'm guessing this is so people don't feel they have to do a crazy grind of AP at the end of BfA to get a head-start on gearing early on in Shadowlands.


What about the item level of Legion artifact weapons?

Your artifiact weapons from Legion start at iLevel 20 when you first get them. They can go up to iLevel 70 if you slot three relics in them.



What about item level in Shadowlands content?

Crafted gear starts at 165, heroic dungeon will drop 170, mythic +0 dungeons are currently 183. Gear from things such as world bosses and raids isn't ingame yet.

So endgame seems to start around 165+, which if you check the chart above, you'll see is just above the Heart of Azeroth and Wrathion's cloak if you have them ranked up.


What's happening to Artifact Power from BfA?

Unlike the Legion version, BfA AP is still a thing that you can collect, and the Heart of Azeroth can still be levelled up.


What's the status on gold rewards from BfA?

Emmisaries that reward 2000 gold are still a thing and are still in the rotation.

Gold missions from BfA Mission tables are still as they were.

The paragon caches from BfA reps are also untouched, and still reward around 4000 gold.


Can we finally put our goblin glider tinkers on the Wrathion legendary cloak?

Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve currently still has it's active ability to dispell corruption effects, despite them no longer being in the game.

So no, unless this changes, this means that you still won't be able to put tinkers on it (such as the goblin glider enchant).

If you got your cloak to rank 15 then you probably won't get an upgrade for it until level 60, so unless you accept a small iLevel hit you might want to get the Goblin Glider items.


Will Engineers still have a battle res?

Engineers appear to be losing their battle-res in Shadowlands; the current item stops working after level 50 and there doesn't seem to be a replacement.


Will Engineers get the usual toys?

There will be a Wormhole Generator and launch, but no new Blingtron just yet.


Has Jeeves been made a toy?

Jeeves is still not a toy.


Has Reaves been made a toy?

Reaves is still not a toy.

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