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Quick Guide to gearing up Alts from 370 to 460+

wow6 - Quick Guide to gearing up Alts from 370 to 460+

Hello Guys,

this will be a quick and simple guide as to how you can gear up your alts effectively to 460+ in a short amount of time. As an Altoholic i've done this method on 5 Chars in the last 2 weeks and it works perfectly fine. Since some of you might struggle with gearing up your chars, maybe you can get something out of it! I Would appreciate any Feedback aswell.

First Steps

The most important Thing for gearing up is to unlock essences and your legendary cloak. To do that, just follow your main questline that you get. While doing that questline you will have to go to multiple continents and explore different parts of Azeroth. Furthermore, you will also do your first two Assaults, which will reward you with a 440 corrupted Item and the ressource to level up your cloak.

Next Steps

Once you completed your main questline, your next priority will be to get to an Itemlevel of approx. 445+. The reason for that will be in the next Chapter. The most effective way of reaching this itemlevel is by doing mythic 0. Even if your itemlevel is only at 390, this wont be a major problem. There are 3 Mythic 0 Dungeons, that people run primarily for the mount drops. These are Freehold, Underrot and Kings Rest. You will start by making a Group for one of these dungeons in the groupfinder and call it something like this: "+0 Mount Run". Of course your itemlevel would normally be too low for that dungeon, but as many high ilvl players run these once a week you will always find a helping hand, plus they can trade you gear they dont need. Just remind everybody before you start that you would be happy if they help you go through the dungeon despite your low ilvl as you want the mount/gear. After these three dungeons you should be about 415-420 ilvl. From here, proceed doing the rest of normal mythic dungeons, since you got enough gear to complete them by yourself now. Once you completed those dungeons, you are around 430-435 ilvl.

Going from 430-445


Once you reach the mark of ilvl 430, you now have multiple options to gearing up. The first and most important will be world quest. For a short time investment you can get better azerite gear ilvl 445, trinkets, weapons and armor. Once you completed all worldquests that give you upgrades, you will now do your own +2 Mythic keystone, that you got when you completed your first m0. After doing some mythic+ and gearing up by doing that, your ilvl should be around 445. Another option would be to open a group for Nyalotha Normal mode, which rewards you with 445 ilvl gear aswell.

The last mile from 445-455

Once you reach 445, now it is time to open your heroic nyalotha raid group. As a preparation to doing this raid, remember to buy your so called Bonus Rolls, which are available in your Main City of Dazar'alor or Boralus. This is the minimum ilvl you should aim for to do this raid, as below that you wont have enough impact on the bossfights. Even with 445, you will most like be at the bottom of dps/healcharts, but at least you dont only get carried through the raid. Build up the group, which may take some time (approx. 30minutes). Try to be friendly to people and get a full clear. If you dont know the bossfights, watch boss guides on youtube beforehand. Also you can ask other people in the raid for advice. Once you completed the raid, you should be around 455 ilvl.


After completing all steps mentioned before, you can level up your necklace and your cloak, which will bump up your ilvl by at least 1-2. From there on the best way to gear to 460+ is by doing mythic+. Just always make your own groups, as probably most people wont invite you yet to theirs.


Following the steps mentioned above, i found them the quickest and most useful way of gearing up chars yourself. If anybody got other ideas or ways to gear up fast, i would love to hear them. Thanks for reading the guide, i hope it helped some of you.

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