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Racism in the high-end North American Raiding Scene

wow10 - Racism in the high-end North American Raiding Scene

Hello r/wow,

During the two days there's been an imgur album floating around to various WoW communities that show members of two top 130 world guilds engaging in racism against the Black community. It's clear from the images that the culture of at least one of these guilds is fully immersed with casual racism, along with members of another guild eagerly participating. One guild member lamented having to delete a Twitch vod as a guildie kept saying the N word over and over in Discord and in /say. They know that it's not polite in civilized society to say these things and instead keep them behind closed doors. Undoubtedly this calls into question the culture among high-end raiding guilds and what behavior is normalized.

We've been removing references to these images due to our No Call Out rule. Most people that are submitted here as being racist in-game are one-offs that people rightfully want to call out; though the punishment side of things should be left up to Blizzard as what was said occurred in-game. A reddit mob in their inbox isn't going to help. This situation is quite different. As we saw with the sexual abuse and misconduct cases last year, such as with MethodJosh, silence within communities like guilds on longstanding systemic issues of sexual harassment, assault, bigotry and hate does not solve them; only shining a light can help with that. Thus we're making an exception on this issue as it's important to the broader community to see and discuss how racism is perpetuated and reinforced in our communities.

Have you raided in the high-end pve scene? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts and experiences below. Please take care to follow our rules as we will be strictly enforcing them in this thread. The Imgur album contains receipts that demonstrate a pattern of behavior and carefully ties each person together, if you want your specific allegation to remain – do the same or leave names out of it.

I've included a breakdown of the imgur album below. There's more than racism in the images but it includes death threats, lynching "requests", threats to murder kids, among other grotesque things. See the album here:


The images primarily show the guild <Clout Gang> on Zul'jin, formerly known as <KYS> on the same server. The guild claimed that KYS meant "Keep Yourself Safe" but it seems more likely that it meant "Kill Your Self", if this gives any indication what kind of people they are. You can

via some kill videos


Besides Clout Gang, three members of <Instant Dollars> appear.

  • Clout gang: World 124
  • Instant Dollars: World 48

When reading the images, these are those underlined on WoWprogress and their Discord Aliases.

Character NameGuildDiscord Alias (as seen in images)
Apfelsaft (Guild Master)Clout Gangbig dumb golden gazmo
GicksClout GangGicks, <DNO>Gicks
ZaytadrClout GangDJ Babychungus Planetdropper MD
SploshvonClout GangSplosh
AmaranthosClout GangVampire Thrall
CritikinsClout Gangcrit
Eucrankmusic/LasthoeClout GangBrigger/Rigger
ChriscrossClout Gangblood dk
BlindsClout GangBlinds
GuccifootjobClout GangGucci
PurooClout GangI'll call the cops
BnbbClout Gang
KarzezClout Gangkarzez
DecenarykInstant Dollarsdecenary
JazzdkInstant Dollars
TryingkInstant Dollars

Two names were mentioned in the images that had no evidence tying them to actual WoW accounts so they've not been included in the breakdown.

Edit: added a more expansive TW list for the imgur album.

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