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Rant : Blizzard’s way of “fixing” Windwalker is an outrage

wow10 - Rant : Blizzard's way of "fixing" Windwalker is an outrage


I want to start off by saying english isn't my mothertongue so I'm sorry for any kind of mistake.

Tomorrow for EU, and in a few hours for NA, patch 9.0.5 is releasing where WW is receiving "bug fixes" which means a few things :

  1. Fists of Fury (FoF) clipping is over. We used to clip Fists of Fury into Storm, Earth, and Fire (SEF) because even if the monk cancel this channel, the clone will keep casting FoF while still replicating other abilities; This interaction is here since about WoD and was made possible because SEF wasn't working as intended (spoiler alert : it is still isn't);
  2. Mark of the Crane (MotC), a debuff that increases Spinning Crane Kick's (SCK) damage by 10% up to 6 times and applied to a target you used Tiger Palm or Rising Sun Kick or Blackout Kick on, will not be sustained after a target die and WW won't be able to sustain more than they have target. This bug is up since about 8.2 and was the reason WW was strong in M+ and SLG/Denathrius.

If you only account for these "bugs" fix, "bugs" that are in the game since several years, Monk WW loose about, according to Peak of Serenity Discord and Babylonius :

  1. 5-6% in Single Target. Right now, at 75th percentile in Mythic, WW is 11/24 on Shriekwing, 14/24 on Hungering and 13/24 on Xymox ;
  2. Up to 20-25% on M+ (no more Monk in the MDI), about 14% on Huntsman (Monk 12/24), and around 6% on SLG (low sample but WW should go from 1st spot on this fight to among top 5-6).

However, we can expect even more damaging numbers as new bugs arose :

  1. SEF doesn't work anymore if you don't fixate them so if you are not aware your CD is just not working if you have multiple targets ;
  2. MotC debuff doesn't work anymore. You can have 6 debuffs up, SCK will do the same damage as if you had 0 ;
  3. Dance of Chi'ji doesn't give anymore 200% damage to Spinning Crane Kick but around 100% because it is using the Azerite version (not 100% sure it is still present).

Obviously we still have other bugs since several months, for example Fists of Fury tooltip says it can hit a total of 6 targets but it only hit 5.


Monk WW is getting hugely impacted in every aspect of this game : PVP (bursting capacity is lowered a lot and the PVP meta at the moment is bursting down not sustained heavy dmg), PVE and Mythic+ and we are not getting any damn compensation for this. 0, nada, nothing. And unless I'm really mistaken but I don't think WW deserve nerf on its mediocre ST and >20% nerf on its strong AoE (that is shared with Fire Mage, Balance, UH …). Meanwhile Warlock Affliction managed to not get Malefic Rapture nerfed (and warlocks were right to have an outrage).

I just don't understand Blizzard. WW community is OK with Bug Fixes but not when it is severely impacting your damage as well as your gameplay (without the bug you won't sustain 6 stacks of MotC anymore, plus it feels bad to apply this to different targets before actually doing AoE damage because FoF hit like wet noodle). And why are they doing this in 9.0.5 and not 9.1 where they can have time to interact with WW community and fully understand what is the impact of their changes and counteract them with what the community propose (especially Babylonius on its website Peak of Serenity) :

  1. Debug on FoF, heavy buff (like >30% because it really hits for nothing) on it and remove the non-sense on 100% damage on main target and 50% on other target wheras it is capped ;
  2. Scrap MotC, bake the damage in SCK or, even better, FoF ;
  3. Scrap SEF that is the core of WW's problems. This capacity is bugged since YEARS. Why is it still here ? This ability is toxic for the players AND the developers.

I really love WW, but it is very frustrating to see Blizzard touching the spec to make it worse than before … Listen to your players …

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