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Rated Battleground – From 0 (Zero) to 2400 (Hero)

wow5 - Rated Battleground - From 0 (Zero) to 2400 (Hero)

A story of rated battlegrounds, and how I went from 0 to 2400.

I don't expect this post to get many upvotes, but I am willing to put my heart and my real story on it, maybe someone somewhere out there will find the answers they were looking for.

Warsong Gulch (Art by Blizzard)

Been playing RBGs (Rated Battlegrounds) for a while now, my main struggle was to find a stable team that I can push past 2400 rating to get the sweet achievement. One of the known obstacles that everyone would face is the long time spent to find a group… all ready, que up, lose a game… and boom disband. You just spent 1-2 hours and find yourself nowhere.

Frustrating, I know, so I wanted to find a way around this… I wanted find something that works and is more efficient on my way up rather than spending hours on looking for the perfect team.

STEP 1 – Higher Knowledge

Your rating currently means nothing… if you have 800, 1400, or 1800 and you're spending more time looking for a team rather than playing, that will get you nowhere. What to do here? Just play, just que up, just get in there, on the battlefield. Practice your damage, practice your healing, your base defending, your ninja caps, your team coordination, keep playing until you develop a higher sense of what is happening and what is the main objective of each map. (example: on Silvershard Mines the Lava cart has the shortest path and gives most points, but even if you lose all lavas and get the other off-carts you will win the game). Learn each objective of each map, learn what value gives your class most by watching Youtube videos for your class, guides on general tactics etc… When you have all this figured that means you are ready to move forward.

STEP 2 – It is all about you

You are the people you play with! – No matter how it seems, sometimes you carry a game, sometimes you throw a game, sometimes you do nothing and win, sometimes you do a lot and lose… these things come with the game. A good way to think of it, a formula that I use myself is like this:

  • 33% of the games you will lose NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO
  • 33% of the games you will win NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO
  • 33% of the games depend exclusively on your performance.

What does that mean?… You can be doing top damage and be killing enemies and doing everything, but sometimes you can't help it, you wont win. Other times you are useless… in Eye of the Storm you get knocked 3 times down, you get disconnected once, and you come back your team is winning… free points right? This happens too. But then, there is the 33% where it all depends on you. You lost a game 1500 by 1480, you look at the damage and see that you had a wrong talent, you know it was you the differentiating factor. You are defending a base, two people attack you miss your defensive rotation and didn't call for help on time then you lose the base, you know it was you the differentiating factor. You go pop your paladin wings and kill two healers on the team fight, win the point, you know it was you. So 33% its you, 66% is half victory half defeat. Now imagine from the 10 games you play, 3 you gonna win, 3 you gonna lose, and the score from the 4 others depends on your performance. That means if you are stuck at a rating, you don't want to blame anyone, you don't want to find excuses, you just need to find a way on how to be a bigger and better differentiating factor. Just like that you will climb, and just like that you will earn what you deserve.

STEP 3 – Master of one, newbie of many

We all have a main class that deep down fits best in our playstyle. It may be an aoe healer, a tank, a single target dps, a base attacker, support anything… but the class that you know best and you like best, should be the one that you need to spend a whole season playing with.


You should not try different classes to push, and then say "uh that boomkin one-shot convoked me, i should reroll into boomkin and i will get higher rating too" – cause trust me that is not going to happen, there is much more into a boomkins playstyle than just pressing convoke (Convoke the spirits has 2 minutes cooldown, with a 4 sec uptime, that means in a 10 minutes Temple of Kotmogu game you can use it 4 times, and have 16 sec uptime. So what are you going to do the other 9min and 44sec?) – This is just an example to show that it is not just something, it is a composition of many things that on the right time and right place perform the right action. And every class has pros and cons that brings to the team, but you need to master one and stick to them. Even if it's not META, play it, next season different PvP tuning different META, maybe then it will be you the one being invited everywhere cause you're out performing people who are new to your class/spec. After deciding this, it is time for the hardest grind.

STEP 4 – Brothers and sisters in arms

Now after all 3 steps and checked, this is where the most important step comes in. You need a community around yourself. How does that work? Get in a team and play few games, you see the tank performing well? Give him a pm… "Hey mate, I like the way your are doing the FC job, great game awareness, can I add you so we can play again sometimes in the future?" – you will 98% get a positive answer, you need to use and grow your battlenet friendlist, you need many DPS, you need many HEALERS, you need many TANKS, you need many people, you keep adding the ones you think did great, the ones that performed well… say hi now and then to them, why? Because now when you open the LFG sometimes you see some blue groups, that means someone from your friend list is on that group… you check who's in and see its the tank. You open your battlenet chat and you pm the tank "Hey mate, can you ask if there is a spot for me in that group?" – and if you performed well he will ask the leader and you get an easy invite on the group. Your 70% of friend list has to be with RBG players that you played or that you liked how they performed, and only then you can start grinding up. Cause then you form connections, you form a community and this brings us to the last step.

STEP 5 – The community

Now after you know so many people, you want to be part of a community, or make a community of your own. You pm that tank, you pm your 3 favorite healers, you pm your favorite dpsers and ask them what do they think if we make a stable group so we can play more often like "raiding" for example Monday and Thursday at 20:00 – 22:00?

You can setup in-game community and invite those people, and invite all other people that you find along the way that have the same skill level, will and manners to go forward. Up until this step you will find yourself complete and very easily to achieve the 2400cr.

I've been myself on the same path this is my 2400 Rogue, I've joined 8 discord communities and 4 communities in game. I have also created my own discord community with 180 members currently, most of them around 2200-2800 rating. The climb will not be easy and/or fast. But if you want to put the effort on it, you will do.

I made this guide cause this was the way I managed to get past 2400, (except that I didn't join a team, I made my own group and was leading it which is no different than joining a decent group… it takes 10 to win, and the leader is just the voice of them all) and I wanted to share my path cause maybe someone is wondering how to start or how to grind up, and this would be something they can consider as a path to success.

To all of you who reached this part, you my friend are the next 2400 Grand Marshall / High Warlord.

Best regards,
08 March 2021 – PvP Season 1

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