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Realms of Shadowlands left for us to visit

wow6 - Realms of Shadowlands left for us to visit

As we were told multiple times, 6 of the zones we visit are just few of the infinite realms of the shadowlands.

There are a few more realms hinted at already in the game. Below I'll be listing them all, and the possibility of getting there and how

THROS – the realm of the Drust

While we visited Thros already in BfA, we didn't really stay for long. From the zone of the Ardeanweald, it seems like we might need to delve into the Thros once again to stop the Drust, either in a zone or a raid.

Chances of visiting: 70%

HELHEIM v2 – realm of Helya and the Kvaldir

While we visited Helheim in Legion already, it seems like since then both the Kvaldir and Helya "ascended" to another level.

We met Helya already in the Maw, and we fight many Kvaldir in the Torghast. Given that she had also a deal with Sylvanas, who is our primary antagonist, I'm 100% sure we will at least see the Sea Witch again.

Chances of visiting: 80%

SEPULCHER – (maybe) realm of the Brokers

Brokers are propably the most suspicious creatures in the Shadowlands, which is saying something. We know they're outsiders in Oribos, they can (or could) travel the realms freely and it is even possible that they have (or had) a way in and out of the Maw ( with Ven'ari not being literally trapped, but hiding). A few of them in Oribos even have this dialogue:

Opulence Ba'hare says: This is an interesting time, Ba'solo. We should strive to find the cause of this chaos. Such knowledge may prove useful

Emissary Ba'solo says: Opulence, do you mean the location of the sepul–

Opulence Ba'hare says: Silence! Do not speak of the grand design!

Which is made even more interesting if we recall what Primus warned us about:

"Bring my warning to the Archon, the Winter Queen, and the Sire. They must see to our defenses. Do not let Zovaal reach the sepulcher. The Arbiter is the final key. Protect her, or all is lost."

Now, there was a side quest in Maldraxxus about a Broker getting into Sepulcher of Knowledge to steal some books about Primus' tactics, but it seems like a red herring to me.

Overall, it's clear they know much more then they're telling us, I wouldn't be surprised if they are related to the Arbiter and Attendands in some manner, maybe they've even created them.

Chances of visiting: 95%

THE SPACE BETWEEN- realm(?) of the Anima parasites


Creatures like a a Hungering Devourer are seemingly mindless beings whose only goal is to feed on Anima, but the fact they are able to somehow travel through the realms while NOBODY else could, makes me think they're either at least sapient, or are controlled by something else

Chances of visiting: 30%

CRAFTENIUM – realm of Crafters

Not much is known about this realm, it's only mentioned on one Sinstone in Revendreth:

Their genius earned them a place in Craftenium, but their smile earned them a place in Revendreth first.

This seems more like a joke more then anything, we've had a zone with a similar focus in BfA (Mechagon), so it seems unlikely..


Most of the Brokers we meet use a variety of high-tech gadgets to aid themselves, not to mention their very bodies seem artificial. For that reason I think that Craftenium and the Sepulcher are the same thing, and the souls of crafters (and traders maybe?) are reforged into Brokers.

If not, it's unlikely we see this realm

Chances of visiting: 5%

FIRELANDS (wait, what?) – realm of Fire

Armies of the Jailer employ a lot of Fire Elementals to forge their weapons. Now, you might be saying that elementals go to the Elemental Plane when they die, and this is obviously the case. But if they are killed in Elemental Plane.. are they going to the Shadowlands? If not, how else could we explain that there are elementals in Maw.

And who wouldn't want to fight Ragnaros for the third time?

Chances of visiting: 15%

LIGHT REALM – realm of Naaru

It seems like either the realm of Light, or a portal to it is permanently open above Ember Ward in Revendreth, this is where a battle between Na'aru and Denathrius forces took place, long ago. The Na'aru we meet- Z'rali seems to be capable of returning home, however she just chooses not to, because of what Denathrius did to her

Home. It calls to me, mortal. And yet, I will never know its warmth again.

My kind would not perceive me as I was. They would see only an aberration. Fractured. Tainted by the touch of this realm's dark Master.

Despite Light being slowly shaped into an antagonist, I don't think the time has come just yet, but Blizzard tends to be a bit unpredictable, especially with the last patch of the expansion.

Chances of visiting: 40%

That's all I think, if I missed something let me know

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