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Regarding the EXP Potion Suspensions.

wow8 - Regarding the EXP Potion Suspensions.

This post is coming from someone that was suspended for 31 days for using the experience potions.

Anyone denying that they didn't know about using the potions being wrong, should probably not even bother reading this, since everyone that used it somewhere knew they were guilty.

I personally think however, that a majority of players who are "just complaining" about the suspensions are players that disagree with the lenght of suspensions. Which seemingly is given at random. There is currently no clear pattern in ban durations.

While there are people that used it for 4 levels receiving 31 day suspensions, to others abusing it for 40-50+ levels receiving 2 days, or no suspension at all.

I've personally used 2 hours of potions on 1 character, and received 31 days for it, without having any prior strike, warning, or suspension on my bnet account.

While there are a lot of people that think Blizzard is completely right to suspend these people, I must say that I partially agree. It was an exploit after all. Is it too much to ask for if we would like to know a reason for 2, 7 or 31 days. There has been no communication on the issue at all.

Ever since I started playing during Nighthold, I've seen multiple exploits/bug abuses pass by, and none of the ones I've seen have resulted in any form of suspension. Some examples would be:


Darkshore Honor Farming (40 vs 40 trading kills / deaths) –> Ended up being rolled back, without any suspensions.

Mythic Jaina Exploit –> No punishment at all

Boiling Cauldron Bug (Infinite spawning Cauldrons, which ended up in thousands of free flasks by afk'ing next to a cauldron) –> No punishment at all, so far.

All the listed exploits above have a large impact on end-game, including Mythic+ and Raiding. Whereas the leveling exploit, simply made leveling faster.

As a last point, even though the Code of Conduct has been broken by stacking the potions. The very last line is what struck me the most. We reserve the right to restrict offending accounts as much as necessary to keep Blizzard games a fun experience for all players. I personally believe, that this exploit didn't devaluate anyone's experience in the game.

Let me know what you think.

TL;DR: Suspensions are fine, the randomness of them is the issue. 31 days seems too long.

Edit: Thanks for the votes and replies, please keep any conversation civilised. Nobody is right or wrong, it's all opinions. 🙂

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