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wow7 - Reputations Need Help

Reputations have been in quite the sorry state since Warlords of Draenor, with it getting slightly better in Legion but no improvements really made in BfA – Some could say it got worse.

Right now, we have a very basic reputation system, there is ONE reputation per zone which is extremely rigid in how you obtain reputation, you get it from World Quests, 75 per World Quest, no matter if it's a Rare, Rare Elite or even Epic I believe. Down from 75 for normal world quests, 150 for rares, 250 for Rare Elites and 350? for Epics in Legion (These were buffed in BfA for Allied Races to a higher number than what I just stated)

There is also a wacky world quest reputation (Kirin Tor/Tortollans) and a every-zone world quest reputation (Wardens/Magni).

Every single reputation is earned in the exact same way with basically no differenciating factors between them. They are all fairly dull. You can of course also use a contract in BfA.

Why isn't there more variation?

We should have multiple different variations of Reputations, a grinding reputation, purely focused on genocide of a particular area, a archeological reputation, similar to the lorewalkers, a quest-based, more focused story reputation, like the Nightfallen. Profession Reps? Where you turn in materials, look out for items hidden within Ores, Herbs and so on. Use materials gathered from Prospecting or Crafting to unlock quests or whatnot. Dungeon Reps – whatever happened to them? Have a faction where you can tabard up and go into dungeons, not every faction should be the same, is what I'm saying.


Why doesn't Krag'wa have a reputation, designed around Killing Blood Trolls – these should be the rep which sells you those Frog Mounts once exalted, (preferably for a more reasonable price)

Why doesn't the Excavators in Zuldazar have a repuation, designed around finding fossils across Zandalar and turning them in for rep?

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Why doesn't the Norwington Estate have a reputation, designed around various minigames, daily quests in collecting and helping run the show, doing the horse thing, the Trogg roundup, and so on.

Why doesn't the friendly drust-bros have a reputation? There are so many missed oppourtunities.

I could go on, for example, why doesnt doing Waycrest Manor increase your rep with the drustvar rep? Why is there no Sethrak reputation? Where's the Raid reps gone?

I find reps to be in a really sorry state.

Sure, have the world quest reps, but expand it, please, to have more variety, more choice, more things to do other than sodding world quests.

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