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Shadowlands Livestream Recap (July 8th)

wow3 - Shadowlands Livestream Recap (July 8th)

Tadaa! The megathread no one asked for! Well, actually a couple of people were wondering about it… Anyway, here we'll aim to collate all of the most relevant info from the livestream into an easily digestible data chunk.

First off,

, for anyone who just wants to watch it.

Big Info:

No specific release date! "Fall" is all we get.

Beta releasing next week!

Opt-in for Beta Invites here (scroll to near the bottom for the opt-in button)

The scene opens on a stunning view of John Hight's beautiful face, as he sits serenely in front of the Shadowlands backdrop we have all become familiar with. He begins by… jk 😉

  • Coronavirus has been tough on us all, but Blizzard have adapted pretty well to the challenges of remote work.
  • Confirmed release in Fall! No specific date.
  • Opening of Ahn'Qiraj coming soon in Classic! Excite!
  • Check out this cool Collector's Edition! Sweet loots inside.

A swift cut to Ion!

  • Recap of stats from Alpha.
  • Ion-senpai has his team check reddit for feedback :O
  • No keyed access to Torghast. Period.
  • Beta next week should be functionally feature complete.
  • Cap up to 60.
  • First peek at endgame systems.
  • Lots more invites!

Specifics on Beta:

  • Recap on known info on Soulbinds/Conduits
  • Progress Covenant through "Renown", not an AP grind.
  • Info on Sanctum (class-hall like), restoring structures
  • Each Covenant has a transport network in their zone
  • Each Covenant has an anima network to activate parts of zone for WQs and other stuff. Changes the world around you.
  • Each Covenant has a scouting map, mission table doodad – trying to add depth to it for "offline" gameplay, very different from old style
  • Each Covenant has their own individual 4th structure with minigamey things:
  • Revendreth: Ember Court: Host parties?
  • Bastion: Path of Ascension: Inhabit soulbind and do trials
  • Maldraxxus: Abomination Factory: Build-a-Bomination for buffs?
  • Ardenweald: Queens Conservatory: Farm up souls
  • Designed to add lore and fluff – not a "srsbsns" system
  • Theater of Pain dungeon is coming, non-linear experience
  • Max level Maw zone, more "Timeless Isle/Mechagon" structure, inhospitable and can't stay long
  • Maw in Motion

More things coming over Summer:

  • Castle Nathria raid testing
  • SL M+ testing, keystone vendor for testing
  • SL Season affix coming later
  • Legendary Runecrafting – base items player-crafted! Much more focused on player agency than Legion
  • Four separate Covenant campaigns, similar in scope to War Campaign
  • Focused PvP testing with all systems enabled
  • Character copies, end-to-end testing leveling through
  • Lots of polish, iteration and tuning
  • Tuning is the last thing done, focusing on shoring up conceptual foundation of fun and excitement
  • For example, Pally Ardenweald ability is not salvageable, so remaking it from scratch.

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