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Shadowlands needs to follow a weekly model instead of daily

wow1 - Shadowlands needs to follow a weekly model instead of daily

As the title states my biggest feedback here is Shadowlands needs to base almost everything you do on a weekly lockout basis. Stop trying to get us to login every day. It needs to be ok to not login, it needs to be ok to not play your main that day, it needs to be ok to not play wow at all for a few days every now and then. A few thoughts for what that would look like to me.


The new AP. Honestly, I think AP has worked decently well for most of Legion and BfA, but it has definitely had a few shortfalls. The biggest points I would make for Anima are as follows.

  • Weekly caps for power progression
  • If you come in 4 weeks late, you should be able to grind out all 4 weeks in one week. There might be a point of catch-up where it's extremely difficult to catch up in 1-2 weeks if you're a few months behind or something, but the main point here is there shouldn't be any artificial caps on this catch-up mechanic.
  • It's fine for it to exist as grindable currency for all kinds of things, but the power progression needs to be very easy to attain IMO and 100% catch-up for players that come in late or for alts, whatever
  • There is NOTHING WRONG with the weekly power progression ending every patch cycle and picking up again later and having Anima only serve as an auxiliary currency for a few months between patches.

World Content


I think the N'zoth assaults can be used as a model for progression going forward. Every zone in Shadowlands needs to have a bar you can fill. Those zones need to be filled with events, rares, quests, world quests, objectives, etc very much like Assaults are (be cool to see how they might expand on that idea though). But the main point here is that you should be able to do all kinds of stuff in the zone to fulfill your objective. Hop in with people doing stuff, go kill that rare mob, if you want to finish a daily/world quest or two after you fill your bar then so be it. You have that option.

Again your primary reward for the week would be a weekly reward for each questing zone. Emissary style rewards that stack up over several days I think is still a fine model to promote some additional rewards (but should still be based on the assault model of filling a bar with a wide range of activities of your choice). But the main focus should be on the weekly bar fill for each zone. Maybe you do them all in one day, maybe you spread it out. You can still go get more minor rewards every day. Maybe you're helping a friend, maybe it's their alt, maybe you just feel like killing stuff in that zone. There is a reward structure here where after the weekly reward it doesn't feel like wasted time, but is not a huge reward either (kinda thinking like what Islands are after the weekly cap). Some kind of currency, a bit of rep, gold, whatever.

I think there's a broader vision here where they can also use this model to reinvigorate world content. Doing the N'zoth assaults feels good to me while I'm filling the assault bar. I think the zones feel pretty bland just hunting a few dailies (that kinda suck IMO), but the assaults themselves are a pretty solid model.

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