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Shadowlands: non-scaling Quests in a linear leveling experience is an issue right now.

wow7 - Shadowlands: non-scaling Quests in a linear leveling experience is an issue right now.

The recent changes to XP/leveling in the Beta doesn't really work that well. I'd like to provide feedback on why that is.

So for the first time, you gotta go through the linear questing experience. Which is fine and fun. But when you are about to finsh questing, you are out of XP/quests and arent close to level 60.

The way I tested it was the following: I ran through Bastion and only followed the story to not add unnecessary backtracking to it. Sidequests often requires to move somewhere else. So I only made like 4 or so Sidequests. At the end of the Bastion Main Story Line, I had a few Sidequests left which I didnt revisit because they were all over the map. I also got the Dungeonquest for Necrotic Wake (Dungeon is in Bastion). I queued as a DPS player which took about an hour. I followed the Main Story and by the time I was able to access Necrotic Wake, I was already deep into Maldraxxus. When the Dungeon was over, I went back to Maldraxxus and didn't travel all the way to Bastion just to turn in one Quest.


I am now in the Revendreth, I am level 56 and my questlog was full. I realized that all my Bastion Quests turned grey, except 2. My Maldraxxus quests also started to lose value. The Necrotic Wake Dungeon Quest offered me somewhat 2k XP. Usually Dungeon quests are the most valuable quests in the game. I also found out that dungeon quests offer less rewards than random dungeons. So if you decide to go into a specific dungeon to complete a quest instead of queueing random dungeon, you will lose XP (Random Dungeon: 45k, Dungeonquest 10k). You can also not queue for Necrotic Wake anymore once you reach a certain level. So you have to queue Random Dungeon for max rewards. If you are lucky and get into the right dungeon, you can also do the dungeon quest. If you get into the wrong dungeon, you will still get more XP than queueing specific dungeon for the quest. I have done 2 dungeons in my leveling experience so far. one specific (necrotic wake for the quest, which turned out to be useless), and one random (also necrotic), which at least gave me some XP. This was about 2 hours of queue time due to warlock not having access to Healing/Tanking specs. My Maldraxxus dungeon quest is also about to become useless. and my Ardrenweald Dungeon quest is worth as much as a normal quest. even tho it requires players.

So, I have just one zone left, which will offer not nearly enough XP for me to finish leveling. And I cant go back into Bastion, Maldraxxus, or Ardenweald and continue the sidequests because they dont give XP. Dungeon Quests become useless if you are not lucky enough to get into the right dungeon using the Random Dungeon Finder.

Suggestions: Dont let Quests turn green or grey unless you are level 60. Add level scaling to the zones.
Increase dungeon quest XP by a factor of 5, so they are actually worth it.

edit: the problem is that by the time I finish questing, I cant go back to other zone to sidequest. And standing semi afk in bastion for an hour to get into a random dungeon isnt the smoothest Leveling Experience

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