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Shadowlands Tips and Tricks Megathread

wow9 - Shadowlands Tips and Tricks Megathread

Hi all! We're three and half weeks into launch now, and I've seen a lot of useful tips floating around this subreddit. Here's a compilation! I've added sources where I could find them.

Threads of Fate

  • Threads of Fate can now be activated after you hit 60 if you don't want to finish the campaign (after you have the achievement on another character) – bug fixed last week.
    hotfixes december 17 2020 - Shadowlands Tips and Tricks MegathreadSource
  • The outdoor content with Threads of Fate is generally considered slower than leveling through the story campaign, but apparently dungeon spamming can be similar leveling speed. Wowhead article

Command Table

  • You can add multiples of each troop to adventures. Originally the tutorial wasn't very clear about this, but I believe it's been hotfixed. Reddit thread
  • The adventure list is long, scroll down! You may not be seeing all of them otherwise.
  • Kyrian and Venthyr characters may struggle a lot with adventures, but adding Meatball to your lineup (acquired in Torghast) may help.
  • I believe you can get up to three companions (including Meatball) from Torghast now, so run Torghast if you want more!
  • Night Fae characters can cheese difficult adventures by using nothing but Dreamweaver and four Trappers. Reddit thread


  • The hearthstone toy available for purchase at Renown 11 is cosmetic only; it is not another separate hearthstone. Wowhead article
  • The Anima Conductor daily quests can be a great source of anima.

Torghast/The Maw

  • All Torghast Permanent Upgrades purchased from Ve'nari are account-wide. (However, ones for The Maw are not.)
  • You can see a preview of the boss you'll be facing next to the vendor on Floor 3. Wowhead article
  • Note that you can CC a Mawrat to prevent Seekers and Shadestalkers from spawning, but with the generous new 40 second window between combats, it likely isn't necessary anymore.
  • There are lots of ways to maximize efficiency in The Maw: rares gives better rep than events, dailies can be completed/turned in after hitting Tier 5.
    Nerd Crew tips &
    Wowhead guide
  • There are two mounts you can use the in The Maw: one drops from Hunt: Shadehounds (in the Beast Warrens, can be done once every two weeks on rotation) and the other from the Twisting Corridors, the extended, 18-floor Torghast mode opening in the next few weeks.

The Great Vault

  • The Great Vault is the Shadowlands version of the "weekly chest" (M+ and PvP chests combined).
  • Doing more activities increases your options, but you can only loot one item, so choose carefully!
  • Item level of these options scales up based the difficulty of the content you complete. (Note: M+ don't need to be successful timed runs, just completed.)
  • There are no bonus rolls in Shadowlands.


  • Renown and Redeemed Souls have full catch up mechanics.
  • Soul Ash and Torghast story quests do not have any catch up mechanics.

* Sorrowbane is a treasure that rewards an ilvl 180 2h sword. It requires a certain world quest to be up, but it can be great for gearing up an alt right after dinging 60. * There's a fun browser game called Castle Pineapplia to help you learn the raid encounters. Link to game
* Mythic Trap also has some great raiding resources Reddit thread

Please add your own in the comments below! 🙂

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