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Shaman Tank – Earth Warden

wow6 - Shaman Tank - Earth Warden

sweet wow intro narrator voice Charged by the Titans to protect the earth, the last of the strong Black Dragonflight has fallen. Wrathion, like his father before him, has been turned by the Old Gods and fallen to the hands of Azeroth’s Champions.

Ebonhorn, Ebyssian, is the last uncorrupted Black Dragonflight. Fearing further corruption from outside sources he has decided to call for your aid, Shaman. He will teach you to speak to the earth as the Black Dragonflight does. You will become the new Earth Wardens with Ebyssian at your helm.

New Shaman Spec – Earth Warden

Weapons: 1h mace, 1h axe, fist weapons

Armor: Shields, Mail

Role: Tank

Hallmark Abilities

Boulder Fist (Single target resource generator/No Cooldown) – Strike your target with a fist shaped stone. Generates Maelstrom.

Earth Shock (Offensive Resource Spender-Short Cooldown) – Blast your target with concussive force. If Epicenter is active Earth Shock’s cooldown is reduced.

Seismic Strike (AOE resource generator/Medium Cooldown) – Strike the earth releasing a shock wave in an arc in front of you. Generates Maelstrom per enemy hit. Cooldown reduced by Boulder Fist.

Epicenter (AOE Damage/Short Cooldown) – Channel your fury into the earth around you causing an Earthquake that stays centered on you. Enemies within the quake will take damage and be slowed. Damage taken while the Shaman is affected by Epicenter will be reduced and grant Maelstrom. Larger hits grant more Maelstrom. Minimum amount of Maelstrom per hit is determined by mastery.

Stoneshield (Small Mitigation/Short Cooldown) – Infuse your shield with the power of the earth granting you an absorption shield and slightly increasing your chance to block. You can spend Maelstrom to bypass Stoneshield’s cooldown.

Impact (Mobility/Medium Cooldown) – Designate an area within 30y. After 1s a stone pillar will erupt under you launching you and all nearby enemies to that location. Enemies that are launched by Impact will be damaged and stunned upon landing.(60sec cooldown)

Earth Warden’s Resolve (Medium Mitigation/Medium Cooldown) – Call on the power of the Earth, causing your next Stoneshield to grant triple the amount of absorption and cost no Maelstrom. (If there’s a big hit coming and you don’t have time to build a SotE shield you’ll use this.)

Strength of the Earth (Big Mitigation Cooldown) – Over the next 12sec the Shaman gains 1000%(or some balanced number) Leech. All healing from Leech during this time is duplicated as a shield on the Shaman. Epicenter will not end during Strength of the Earth. The SotE shield is permanent until expended and allows Bulwark Totem shields to surpass their cap.

Aftershocks (Passive Light AOE) – After casting Epicenter or Impact your next 3 attacks will also cause light damage around the target.

Bulwark Totem (Passive totem summon) – A small percentage of damage done by the Shaman is turned into a shield for all party members within 40y, capping at a balanced amount. Bulwark Totem lasts until killed or summoned again. The shield cap is reduced in raids.

Ragebinder Totem: Ragebinder Totem pulses threat to nearby enemies, directing them to the Shaman.

Grounding Totem: Grounding Totem intercepts up to 5 single target spells directed at allies within 15y of it.

Legacy of the Black Dragonflight (generic Tanking passive) – The shaman takes less magic damage, gains more armor and stamina.

Shared Class Abilities:

Hex, Earthbind, Tremor, Capacitor, Revive, Bloodlust, Ghost Wolf, Far Sight, Ankh(Possibly not ankh?)

Talent Examples:

Blast Shield: Taking damage from an enemy within 20y of the Shaman while Stoneshield is active will blast the enemy with a cone of stone shards. Will not trigger if hit from behind.


Sudden Impact – Impact has a reduced cooldown, activation time, and range but will no longer launch enemies.

Deafening Resonance – Enemies struck by Aftershocks have increased casting time.

Hurricane (Replaces Epicenter) – The Shaman summons a raging storm causing Healing Rain and Chain Lightning strikes. Damaging enemies and healing allies with Hurricane will generate Maelstrom. (No longer reduces enemy movement speed or damage taken while Epicenter is active.)

Seismic Launch – Casting Impact will leave an Epicenter at the launch point and landing point for a reduced duration.

Shifting Plates – Epicenter can now be cast at a target area. It can be cast again to move it to a new area. Does not increase/decrease duration.

Black Dragon Breath: (Replaces Seismic Strike) – The Shaman releases magma fury in a large cone over a couple seconds. (No longer generates Maelstrom but does much more damage)

Stone Stream(replaces Boulder Fist): Channel a stream of stones at a target. Generates Maelstrom. (Gives a bit extra range and allows relief for those who don't want to break their fingers constantly hitting Boulder Fist)

Thrumming Bulwark: Your Bulwark totem shields for 5% of it's capacity every 3 seconds.



  • Strong AoE
  • Can tank large hits by pooling resources for Stoneshield
  • Adds minor healing/mitigation to the entire party/raid
  • Can forgo defensive resource spending to make the raid sturdier with Bulwark Totem if needed
  • Big defensive cooldown gets stronger with more party members


  • Sustain/mitigation must be activated before damage is taken. No reactive sustain.
  • Big consistent damage can out pace Maelstrom generation
  • Only mobility is tied to a large cooldown and Ghost Wolf
  • The big defensive cooldown requires substantial preparation and something to deal damage to
  • No large flat damage reduction cooldowns


Mastery: Hypocenter – Increases the max capacity of your Bulwark Totem, the strength of your Stoneshield, and the minimum Maelstrom gain from Epicenter.


In dungeons you’ll initiate a fight by casting your free Stoneshield and either walking into the mobs or using Impact. From there you spam Boulder Fist to reduce the CD on Seismic Strike and generate more Maelstrom while always keeping Epicenter up. Maelstrom is generally to be spent on Stoneshield and not Seismic Shock unless the healer is comfortable with you having less mitigation. Think about saving Impact for moving from one trash group to the next.

While in raids if you’re not currently tanking the boss you’ll either want to spend more Maelstrom on Earth Shock to get more absorbs out of the Bulwark totem for your raid or pool Maelstrom if a tank swap or a big mechanic is coming soon.

The major downside to Earth Warden is that even the “quick” defensive cooldown will still take two casts. Preparing for a potential one shot mechanic can take the Earth Warden several seconds as they need to pop Strength of the Earth and dump as much dps possible to gain as much Leech healing as possible from the Bulwark Totem absorbs. You also have to make the decision between using it as a personal cooldown or using it as a raid cooldown. Which will benefit you more? The giant personal shield for a mechanic or the uncapped Bulwark Totem for a raid mechanic?


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