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Small & useful AddOns you might not know about

wow3 - Small & useful AddOns you might not know about


I want to share some of the smaller and lesser known AddOns that I collected over the years. Please feel free to comment AddOns below that I have not listed, I will add them.

1) Adventure Guide Lockouts

adventure guide lockouts - Small & useful AddOns you might not know about

This adds instance lockout information to your adventure guide. When you open it and look through old raids for example you see if you cleared the raid this week already.

2) Better Wardrobe and Transmog

Increases the transmog and wardrobe window, adds filter options and lets you transmog sets that you have not fully collected. There are a bunch of options to this where you can finetune the filters and so on.

3) BtWQuests

Adds a window to your game that you can open via a minimap button that displays all the quests in the game in tree/branch display. You can see which quests you have done in an area and which you are missing and the addon guides you to the missing quest to start it. This is very handy to finish zones and complete old quests where you don’t know when you abandoned it.

4) BuyEmAll BfA

Adds the option to buy more of a single item in one go then wow allows you to. For example, if you want to buy cooking supplies you are usually capped at 5/20/200 items. This addon lets you buy 400 with 1 interaction.

5) DialogKey


This is my favourite “small” AddOn of all time. It adds keybindings (1-9) to dialogs. When you interact with an NPC who for example has two dialog options, vendor items and talk, you can interact with him by pressing the numbers 1 and 2 on your keyboard. These keybindings are only active as long as you have the dialog window with the NPC open. By using this you don’t have to move your mouse over to his window, click on vendor, move the mouse back to your bag and sell items, you can just hit 1 on your keyboard. I highly recommend this 🙂

6) Extended Vendor UI

This increases the size of the vendor window when you talk to an NPC who has a vendor option. Remarkably simple, very handy to have less pages, especially on raid gear traders of old raids.

7) Fash Taskbar

This addon makes your wow icon on your taskbar blink when something happens in game while the wow window ins not in focus. This helps you not miss ready checks, pull timers, summons and combat rezz while you browse reddit. (This feature might be part of wow already and the AddOn might be unnecessary, see comments)

8) Transmog Tokens

This addon ads a small information to tooltips of old transmog tokens which helps you find the vendor where you can exchange the token. It also tells you how many of the set items you already have of the set this token belongs to.

9) Minimap Button Bar

This addon collects all your minimap buttons into a single one, by clicking on it you can see all your buttons again!

I hope this information helps you but keep in mind that these AddOns might not work in the future because they become discontinued. Have a great day! 🙂

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